Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 650

Chapter 650 It Looked Like A Reminder But It Was Actually A Warning

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Why was this man so narrow-minded?

Since Lu Zhanbei didnt leave, the rest naturally didnt dare to leave.

Time passed by. Everyone was just sitting down, not daring to do anything. They looked at one another in consternation and lived every second in torment.

Tan Zhiyue couldnt take it any longer and gave Lin Wanwan a few consecutive looks for help.

Lin Wanwan smiled and said to Lu Zhanbei, "If I didnt remember wrongly, I told you not to wait for me tonight. You promised to do that as well."

Lu Zhanbei appeared calm. "Ive said it previously. Im just bored and came here to see the excitement."

Lin Wanwan leaned closer to him and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear, "Stop it. Its our celebration dinner tonight. Can you not ruin the atmosphere?"

Lu Zhanbei had a look of innocence. "Director Tan was the one who invited me to stay."

Lin Wanwan kept it in and persuaded him, "They all had a little too much to drink tonight and were just joking. Dont take it to heart."

Lu Zhanbei was at first puzzled. Then, he was enlightened. "What shouldnt I take to heart? You mean Tan Zhiyue saying that you liked Luo Han or this group of people egging you on to kiss Luo Han? Dont worry. I simply heard these words and will forget about them. I wont take them for real!"


Did he have to speak words that were contrary to his thoughts?

Lin Wanwan failed to persuade him and could only cast a look toward Tan Zhiyue, saying that she was willing to help but unable to do so.

Lu Zhanbei poured two glasses of wine and handed one glass over to her. "Lets drink?"


Lin Wanwan was angry and felt that he was being unreasonable tonight.

Lu Zhanbei shrugged his shoulders and started to drink leisurely.

Around 11 pm, he finally stood up and prepared to leave.

A group of people heaved a long sigh of relief and had the feeling of being liberated.

After it left the clubhouse, Lu Zhanbeis showy car caused everyone to exclaim.

"Director Tan, well get going first."

Tan Zhiyue nodded with gratitude, as if he were sending away a living deity. "Mr. Lu, drive safely. Wanwan, lets meet next time!"


Lu Zhanbei said in a meaningful tone, "I think its best for Director Tan to avoid things like alcohol. After drinking too much, its easy to spout nonsense and offend others. Next time, you might not be that lucky. Im not that good to talk to every time."

This was definitely a threat.

Tan Zhiyue was about to cry. He nodded in fear. "Ill definitely listen to Mr. Lus invaluable advice and remember it in my heart!"

Lin Wanwan saw that the just and stern Tan Zhiyue was so frightened that his hands were trembling, and she could not help but feel pity for him.

Before driving off, Lu Zhanbei turned and looked at Luo Han. "Nephew, she is, after all, your elder. You must respect her."

It looked like a reminder but it was actually a warning.

Luo Han said without changing his expression, "Got it."

Lin Wanwan wanted to faint she admitted defeat!

The black car sped off.

Tan Zhiyue wiped off the cold sweat from his forehead and was surrounded by the other people from the production team.

"Director Tan, do you know whats the background of Lin Wanwans boyfriend? Hes so handsome!"

"The car hes driving seems to be a limited edition from the God series. You cant buy that even with money!"

Tan Zhiyue developed a headache and interrupted them loudly, "If you dont want to get into trouble, you better keep this to yourself. If not, I wont be responsible!"

Everyone thought of what happened in the room just now and nodded.

Luo Han looked in the direction the car disappeared to and didnt shift his gaze away for a long time.

"You like her?"

He was stunned and looked at Lian Qi. He shook his head slowly. "No, I just feel that shes like someone."