Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 652

Chapter 652 Heh Woman

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"A year hasnt passed yet. This should still be effective. Who asked someone to make a fool out of me on the 1st of April last year?"

On the card was written the following words in big characters: special demonic privilege for a year

Also, today was April Fools Day?

Lin Wanwan thought of how she had used the three conditions Lu Zhanbei owed her last year to make him appear on the campus in the middle of the night and then told him shamelessly that today was April Fools Day. She instantly found it both angering and funny.

Her original sadness disappeared. "Tell me, why are you so narrow-minded?!"

Lu Zhanbei was not ashamed and proudly raised his eyebrow. "I have always borne grudges."

" By doing so, you are highly likely to lose your girlfriend."

"I wont."

"Why? Who gave you such confidence?"

Although she indeed didnt have the thought of breaking up with Lu Zhanbei, she was really angry.

"Besides me, who would dare to make a fool out of you, a man-eating night-blooming cereus?"

Lin Wanwan gritted her teeth and wanted to bite him, but she held back in the end. She bulged her cheeks and announced, "From today onward, this privilege is withdrawn!"

Lu Zhanbei wanted to rebut when Lin Wanwan waved her hand and interrupted him, "No room for discussion!"

If this man used his special demonic privilege again, her heart would definitely be demolished.

Lu Zhanbei sighed in compromise. "I can return it to you. However, you have to promise me a condition."

He nearly caused her to shed tears today and he still wanted to talk about conditions?

"Dream on!"

Lu Zhanbei sized her up and down. "Heh, woman. Dont you feel that you are taking things for granted more and more now?"

"So you despise me now?"

"I wont dare to. I still want to live for a couple more years."

Lin Wanwan moved her eyes and said, "Then get into my good books now. If Im happy, Ill return the card to you."

Lu Zhanbeis eyes showed subtlety for a moment. "Ok. Then you lie down first."

Lin Wanwan thought that he wanted to give her a massage and lay down as told. She even closed her eyes to prepare herself for this enjoyment.

The next second, her lips felt cool.


She instinctively wanted to speak, but this coincidentally gave the man a chance to seize the moment. His tongue entered firmly and gently, tasting every inch of her softness.

Lin Wanwan opened her eyes and gave him a complaining stare.

What method of getting into her good books was this? Bad rating!

Following Lu Zhanbeis movements, which became more and more explicit, Lin Wanwan struggled less and less and lay limp in his arms, allowing him to roam his hands up and down.

"Are you happy now?" the man asked in a hoarse voice.

Lin Wanwans eyes looked slightly confused and her brain could not react at all.

"Looks like its not enough yet. Ill continue."

When Lin Wanwan had recovered herself, it was already too late.

Their clothes had fallen into a messy pile. Her exquisite body blossomed under his.

"Do you want me to continue?"

Lin Wanwan had persisted for so long. This was the moment she was waiting for. She was about to shake her head firmly when the mans lips fell.

"Shush. I know you want to continue."

This shameless man

Lin Wanwan completely lost her ability to think. She could only indulge in Lu Zhanbeis rhythm.

The only thing that made her feel a little comforted was that although this beast messed around, he didnt do the final step.

Even so, the whole process was difficult to describe in words.

Lin Wanwan lay in his arms, breathless. "Lu Zhanbei, where did you learn so many styles?"

Lu Zhanbeis slender fingers brushed away the hair strands on her face, which were damp with sweat. He curved his lips and smiled. His usual elegance was gone. He was like a powerful drug, exuding strong manliness.