Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 653

Chapter 653 Someones Playing Us In The Shadows

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"Good that you like it."

Lin Wanwan buried her head in his arms, like she was an ostrich. She refused to continue the conversation. However, her brain seemed to have been possessed, and fragments of what had just happened flashed past it crazily.

"Are you happy now?"

Lin Wanwan felt that being shy wasnt her style. Thus, she nodded.

Lu Zhanbei touched her ear, which was flushed red, and his eyes moved. "Want to have another round?"

Lin Wanwan said, "No! I have a weak kidney!"

Lu Zhanbei let out low laughter. He stretched out his long arm and handed her a cup of water from the bedside table. "Drink it. You need to rehydrate."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Did he have to be like this? Ah, ah, ah!!!

Even if Lin Wanwan was naturally thick-skinned and was trained by Lu Zhanbei for such a long time, she was still not his match.

"Im going to sleep!"

Seeing that she was hiding in the blanket, Lu Zhanbei gave a slight smile. Then, he laughed lightly and, finally, laughed out loud. However, he didnt utter a single sound at all.

It was best not to overdo something. He didnt want to make this little tigress anxious.

The new TV drama that Lin Wanwan had just accepted would start filming only after a while. Her current focus was on promoting her movie.

For a long time, she was running about different cities and was busy.

The trailer of "The Distance Just for You" also started to be publicized on the Internet.

As far as the current situation was concerned, netizens comments were quite good, and they all expressed that they were looking forward to it.

After the movie editing was completed, Tan Zhiyue went to the relevant department. As long as the audit was completed and the theaters were contacted, they could choose a good day for it to be screened.

It was a pity this movie seemed destined to suffer setbacks.

Early in the morning, Lin Wanwan received Tan Zhiyues call when she had just woken up.

"Wanwan, there is a piece of bad news."

His somber tone caused Lin Wanwan to develop an ominous feeling in her heart. "What happened?"

"Our movie was restricted from being broadcast forever."

Lin Wanwan was stunned for a few seconds before recovering herself. "Whats the reason?"

"The management said that some content from the movie distorted the truth of that era and would give the masses a false perception."

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan laughed out of anger. "The history of that era was broken, to begin with. We didnt distort the truth that everyone knew about. We only added our own concepts in the areas that were lacking. Which current historical film doesnt do that now? This isnt a reason, its an excuse to find fault!"

Tan Zhiyue felt so too. "Someones playing us in the shadows."

Lin Wanwan suddenly thought of someone. "Could it be Luo Nanxi? I have a grudge with her. That husband of hers who could pass off as her father seemed to be a minister of some department."

"It shouldnt be. Luo Nanxis husband is in charge of the TV drama department. He doesnt have that much authority to control the movie audit."

Lin Wanwan frowned. Who could it be, then?

"Wanwan, dont be too worried. I have been in this entertainment circle for so long. Im not completely without connections. Ill think of something. The publicity of this movie will stop temporarily. Go and busy yourself with other work first. When the auditors come, Ill update you again."

"Ok," Lin Wanwan replied and hung up the call worriedly.

Although Lu Zhanbei, who was by the side, didnt clearly hear the conversation between the two, he could more or less guess the contents.

"Ill help you find out the reason." After saying this, he threw away the pen and documents he was holding.

"Ok." Lin Wanwan didnt reject him. She really wanted to find out who was behind this.

Lu Zhanbei squinted his eyes slightly. Actually, he already had an answer in his heart.