Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 654

Chapter 654 Lost The Role

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If he didnt guess wrongly, the initiator must be that old man.

After all, he had both the motive and the capability.

The old man had been brewing this for a long time. It was impossible he made only such a small action.

This was just the beginning.

Lin Wanwan had always practiced letting nature take its course. After throwing away her initial worries, she relaxed her mind and went to the gym to hit the sandbags for hours.

The hidden worries in her heart were pushed out along with her sweat.

After exercising, she took a towel and wiped off the sweat on her face.

At this moment, the butler Uncle Ying walked in. "Missus, there is a Mr. Si Han outside looking for you."

Lin Wanwan was too lazy to correct the way he addressed her. "Help me bring him to the living room."


After showering, Lin Wanwan changed into a set of comfortable loungewear.

In the living room, Si Han leaned against the sofa lazily. He was holding a hot cup of tea in his hands. His narrow eyes looked at the floating tea leaves in the cup, and his expression was hard to read.

Lin Wanwan sat over and gave an exaggerated snort. "Did the sun rise from the west today? You would actually take the initiative to find me."

Si Han raised his eyebrows. "Ms. Lin, let me interview you. How does it feel like to be provided for by a local tyrant?"

"Pretty good. If youre willing, it can be buy one get one free. Buy me to get you. Lu Zhanbei can provide for you as well."

Si Han ignored this and surveyed the living room. Impressed, he added, "So you have taken a fancy to his money."

"Nonsense. I obviously took a fancy to his looks."

"Im not bad-looking either."

"However, compared to Lu Zhanbei, theres a certain impulsiveness thats missing."


"A type of impulsiveness where I would want to rip his clothes off the moment I see him."

The two of them bickered for a while. Lin Wanwan felt that Si Hans mind was not into it today and, thus, squeezed her eyes at him.

"Si Han, you know me. Even if you tell me that its the end of the world tomorrow, Ill still flirt with Lu Zhanbei tonight and welcome death calmly. Please speak your mind."

"You lost the role of that overbearing female CEO."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Damn. She let him speak his mind, but he really wasnt tactful and gave her a bolt from the blue.


"No reason. They just dont want to use you anymore."

After experiencing issues with the movie audit, Lin Wanwan knew that she was being played with again.

"Got it." She rubbed her temples. "Are there other auditions?"

Slam. Si Han thew a script over.

Lin Wanwan browsed through it quickly and found it alright. She asked him for the audition address and time.

Si Han saw that she was not affected and didnt stay for a long time. He only patted her shoulder when he left and said in a meaningful tone, "No need to feel regretful. You already have the most overbearing CEO in the entire Xia country in your hands. Be content."

"" Lin Wanwan was not comforted at all.

She was bored in the afternoon and took Tian Ba out, planning to walk the dog.

Uncle Ying found a bicycle. She tied the leash to the faucet and let Tian Ba become a sled dog again, running while pulling her along.

Yun Mansion had an exceptionally big lawn. Tian Ba ran very happily.

When Tian Ba made a big turn, Lin Wanwan, who was enjoying the cool breeze, didnt recover in time. The bicycle headed to the ground.

"Oh my!"

Just when Lin Wanwan had been preparing to fall, an arm fiercely grabbed her waist and carried her away easily.

A mans despising voice could be heard. "I have a weak heart. Next time, please choose a gentler way of welcoming me."