Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 655

Chapter 655 Sorry You Were Implicated By Me Again

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Lin Wanwan leaned against his arms with a lingering look on her face. She pointed to the culprit. "Its all its fault!"


Tian Ba seemed to know that it had gotten into trouble. It shook its tail and showed a look of innocence.

Lu Zhanbei glanced at it. "No meat for three days."


The two of them returned to the living room. Lin Wanwan started to eat fruits. Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow and said, "You seem to be in a not-bad mood."

"It can be a day spent in anger or a day spent in fun. Ill enjoy while I can."

"Youre right."

When Lin Wanwan slept in a daze at night, she suddenly recalled something and gradually became awake.

"Have you found out who was behind this?"


"Its your father, right?" Lin Wanwan could feel the sudden drop in air pressure. This immediately verified the speculation in her heart.


Lu Zhanbei was not surprised that she guessed it right. In the night, his gentle voice carried with it a comforting power.

"I wont let your hard work be ruined. Sorry, you were implicated by me again."

Lin Wanwan chuckled. "Youre not at all suited for such an attitude of arousing ones fervor. Dont make me laugh."

"Then what am I suited for?"

"Dirty-mindedness. Shamelessness. The type of shamelessness done in all seriousness."

Mr. Lu felt that his image in his future wifes heart was a little terrible.

"Very good. You have found a reasonable excuse for me to use brute force."

This was definitely a threat!

"Im sleeping. Good night."

Lin Wanwan used the blanket to cover her face and didnt see Lu Zhanbeis cool eyes.

The next day, Lin Wanwan went for the audition, feeling refreshed.

The role for the audition this time around was for the second female lead in a court drama. Although it wasnt a female lead role, in her opinion, the image of the second female lead was more likable than the female lead, who was silly and sweet. The character was more dynamic, and the sad ending would make it easier for passersby to develop good feelings for her.

When she reached the audition site, the other three auditionees had already arrived.

Lin Wanwan swept her eyes across them and was happy.

One of them was actually her old acquaintance.

"Lin Wanwan, youre here for the audition too, eh."

Wearing a long, dark green retro dress, Luo Nanxi, who kept short hair, removed the big sunglasses from her face. She walked over amorously and didnt hide the feelings of hatred she had for Lin Wanwan.

"I heard that The Distance Just for You couldnt pass the movie audit and that its very likely it will remain that way permanently. Tsk, tsk, tsk. What a pity."

Although the matter didnt spread, Luo Nanxis husband worked inside the industry; thus, she had obtained the news the first instant.

Lin Wanwan didnt respond to her sarcastic words. She sized up her short hairstyle and complimented, "You look pretty with short hair."

Luo Nanxis face became contorted immediately.

She would never forget that Shen Zhiyi had shaved off all her hair and made her bald.

During this period of time, she dared not film and dared not show her face in public. She tried all kinds of hair growth products and finally managed to grow her hair to such a length.

She was so tormented, but Lin Wanwan the initiator actually dared to mock her!

"Go ahead and be smug. You cant be smug for long anyway!"

"Oh," Lin Wanwan replied coldly and brushed past her.

Luo Nanxi was so angry. Shouldnt a normal person ask her at once why she said those words?!

Luo Nanxi was not willing to take this lying down and chased after her. "Lin Wanwan, I can disregard the past and warn you of this. Youre destined to make a futile trip today! You better get lost and prepare the announcement for leaving the entertainment circle. Find yourself a route of retreat in advance. If not, it would be more shameful if you were to be chased out of the entertainment circle!"

Lin Wanwan developed a headache from the noise. "Stop nagging. Do you want to make a bet again?"