Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 656

Chapter 656 It Was Finally Here

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"What are you up to again?"

"Since you said I would make a futile trip, are you certain you would be the one to obtain this role?"

"Of course!"

Among the competitors present, only Lin Wanwan could suppress her.

However, Lin Wanwan was about to be doomed.

Lin Wanwan pretended not to see the cold and sinister smile on her face. "Same rules. If you cant obtain the role today, youll let me slap you once. The opposite stands true."

"Ok!" Luo Nanxi didnt have the slightest hesitation this time around. It could be seen how confident she was.

A trace of darkness flashed past Lin Wanwans eyes. She didnt look at Luo Nanxi anymore as the latter obviously wanted to continue finding trouble. She chose a corner and waited quietly.

Luo Nanxi looked at her, and her eyes were full of contempt.

That Qin Xiangyu had said that Lin Wanwan was smart. It seemed like there was only that much to it now.

Her previous words had revealed quite a bit of information. However, Lin Wanwan didnt sense them and actually dared to make a bet that she was bound to lose.

A fool!

Half an hour later, the other two auditionees had failed.

"Lin Wanwan, Luo Nanxi. Both of you, come in together."

Luo Nanxi flipped her hair and didnt forget to glance at Lin Wanwan.

The director looked at them. "Both of you will play the scene where Concubine Rong was given the poisonous wine to end her life. You dont have to copy the exact words in the script. Who will go first?"

"Ill go first."

Luo Nanxi stepped up and started her performance.

She wasnt a bimbo with absolutely no acting skills. She was considered a leader among the starlets.

In her performance, she acted out Concubine Rongs feelings of heartbreak and incredulity. It was very touching.

Aside from the director, everyone else applauded in appreciation.

"Lin Wanwan, its your turn."

Lin Wanwan took a deep breath and immediately got into character.

Concubine Rong was a chess piece used by the emperor to balance the power of the royal courts. After being used to the fullest, she no longer had any use.

She received the poisonous wine he handed over to her. Her eyes were not full of incredulity, only sadness.

However, her look was calm and determined. She even raised her hand and smashed the wine cup in her hands!

"Ill determine my own fate. Even if my fate is death, it wouldnt be him who gives it to me!"

She dug out a dagger and stabbed it fiercely into her heart.

"Tell him. There will be retribution for kicking someone to the curb when theyve outlived their usefulness."

She closed her eyes and curved her lips into an eerie smile.

The proud Concubine Rong maintained her dignity and pride even when facing death.


The director slammed the table agitatedly.

"A great performance! Concubine Rong is the daughter of the famous general. The cold arrogance in her bones wouldnt lose to a man. Even when facing death, she wouldnt cry like an ordinary woman. Lin Wanwan, among the auditionees today, I think the most highly of you. Indeed, you have not let me down!"

Lin Wanwan bowed. From the corner of her eye, she saw Luo Nanxis face turn pale.

"This role goes to Lin"

Just when the director was about to continue his words, the mobile in his pocket rang.

Luo Nanxis eyes shone. The look she gave Lin Wanwan was filled with smugness, ruthlessness, and excitement.

It was finally here!

So what if Lin Wanwans acting was better than hers? Ultimately, she was going to lose to her!

The director hung up the call. First, he gave Lin Wanwan a perplexed look. Then, his gaze fell onto Luo Nanxis face and he said unwillingly, "This role goes to Luo Nanxi."


Luo Nanxi was so happy she nearly laughed out loud. However, she held it back. She walked up to Lin Wanwan, looking all mighty and superior. She raised her hand and prepared to give her a slap.