Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 657

Chapter 657 This Is Called Using A Series Of Skills And Tricks

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She could finally get back at her!

Luo Nanxis hand was in midair when Lin Wanwan clasped her wrist.

She was shocked. After realizing she couldnt break from the struggle regardless of how hard she tried, she smiled coldly and said, "Lin Wanwan, are you trying to pretend to lose your memory to deliberately forget about our bet? Or you cant afford to lose and dont want to fulfill your promise?"

Lin Wanwan loosened her grip and looked strangely calm. "Dont be anxious. Its not too late to hit me after youve signed the contract."


Luo Nanxi glared at her and rubbed her aching wrist. She said in a hurry, "Director, my managers just outside. We can sign the contract now."

" Ok." The director really couldnt be happy.

The most painful thing was not not being able to choose a good seedling. It was when a good seedling had been selected but he had no choice but to give it up due to the bosss orders.

The staff personnel carried over the contract that had already been drafted earlier. After confirming everything was in order, Luo Nanxi received the pen. Before signing, she didnt forget to shoot cold daggers at Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan stepped forward and said plainly, "Director Qian Yu, as far as I know, each of your works is based on quality. Are you sure you want to hand over such an important role to an actress youre dissatisfied with? Arent you afraid your reputation would be ruined?"

Upon hearing this, Qian Yu stopped his action of preparing to sign.

Luo Nanxi shouted in exasperation, "Lin Wanwan, dont smear me just because you cant afford to lose. Shameless!"

Lin Wanwan smiled without saying a word.

She was blatantly wreaking havoc.

If Luo Nanxi was someone capable, her words wouldnt have any effect on him.

Regardless, there was a show to watch.

"Forget it."

After considering it for a few seconds, Qian Yu decisively took back the contract.

"Ms. Luo, sorry. With Lin Wanwan shining ahead of you, I really cant take a liking to your performance. Although I cant choose her for some reason, I would rather slowly find someone else than to ruin this role."

Anyway, his boss only asked him to give Lin Wanwan up. He didnt tell him to only choose Luo Nanxi.

Lin Wanwan laughed secretly. Indeed, this Qian Yu was famous for his frankness in the entertainment circle.

Saying such words and slapping ones face

Luo Nanxis expression became contorted.

An innocent smile crept up on Lin Wanwans face and she sighed hypocritically. "Im sorry, Ms. Luo. Youve lost again."

If Luo Nanxi had a knife in her hands now, she would have definitely pounced over and destroyed Lin Wanwans detestable face.

She tried her best to suppress the madness in her heart and gritted her teeth. "I didnt lose! You didnt get this role as well. Were even!"

Lin Wanwan was helpless. "Ms. Luo, it looks like your memory isnt too good. I dont mind saying it once more."

She repeated her words in good temper, "If you cant obtain this role today, youll let me slap you once. I didnt say that I have to obtain the role in order to slap you. Understand?"

Luo Nanxis face turned pale and she screamed, "You actually dare to plot against me!"

She was immersed in the excitement of finally being able to score one back for herself previously and didnt notice the contents of the bet at all.

Lin Wanwan raised a finger and shook it. "This is called using a series of skills and tricks. You cant even see through this simple word game. Whos the foolish one between the two of us?"

"" Luo Nanxi recalled that she had secretly mocked Lin Wanwan before for being foolish. She felt that she had been given a slap to the face.

"In an occasion like this today, I dont want to do anything to affect my image. Ill treat it that you owe me this slap. I welcome you to make a bet with me again in the future. I can return both slaps at the same time. Goodbye, Ms. Luo."