Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 66

Chapter 66 An Unexpected Counterattack 2

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Not too far away, Gu Mo sighed as well. “She’s so pitiful. No wonder she had to feign ignorance back then.”

Lu Zhanbei quietly looked at the girl who was curled up under the table, shivering. His eyes flashed a strange sense of brilliance.

“Do you know what a wild kitten will evolve into?”

“Ah? What?” Gu Mo did not understand what he meant.

“A tigress.”


Gu Mo scratched his hair and did not have the chance to ask further.

At this moment, Hai Lan, who had been forgotten by everyone for a long time, suddenly screamed and smashed the small round mirror in her hands.

“Are all of you blind? What mental disorder? What post-traumatic stress disorder? She is just pretending. She’s deliberately taking revenge on me!”

Half of Hai Lan’s face was swollen, and she looked at her ferociously.

“Lin Wanwan, stop pretending!”

She pushed away her assistant’s hand and reached out for Lin Wanwan.

“Come out here, Lin Wanwan Ah”

As if traumatized, Lin Wanwan clawed around blindly, and scratched Hai Lan, leaving a long blood stain on her arm.

“Don’t hit me, don’t hit me”

After clawing around, Lin Wanwan hugged herself even tighter in fear.

“You slut!”

Hai Lan pounced over as if she was crazy, but she was grabbed by An Qiao.

“Enough, Hai Lan. Knock it off!”

Hai Lan was so angry that her chest rose and fell. She nearly roared, “Director An, it’s obviously Lin Wanwan’s fault. Now you’re asking me to knock it off? Your bias is too obvious!”

An Qiao had not gotten a chance to speak when the spectators started their accusatory words.

“Miss Hai, Lin Wanwan did not hit you on purpose. If you hadn’t hit her before, causing her to lose her self-control, she won’t have done this.”

“Exactly. Her mental age is only that of a child. It’s justifiable that she hit you. Why do you have to be so calculative?”

“I think that’s just reaping what you sow! It is already so pitiful that Lin Wanwan burnt her brains and had such a tragic childhood. It’s ok if you don’t pity her, but it’s so overboard that you’re so aggressive!”

Hearing these scoldings, Hai Lan nearly vomited blood!

She was overboard?

She was the victim. Why was everyone defending the chief culprit?

“You blind a*sholes who can’t differentiate right from wrong! It’s obvious Lin Wanwan”

She was so angry that she started to scold vulgarities!

At this moment, her assistant tugged at her sleeve and said softly, “Be lenient towards her. Lin Wanwan is pitiful enough and she didn’t do this deliberately. Let it go”


Hai Lan slapped her on the face hard. “Even you are helping her?!”

The assistant held her face, tears in her eyes.

“Ok, enough, stop it!”

An Qiao stared at Hai Lan and said warningly, “You were in the wrong first. If you are willing to let things go, I will forget about it too. If you still dare to kick up a fuss, then get out of the production team! I can easily fork out the forfeit amount of 10 million yuan!”

After saying this, he did not look at Hai Lan’s horrified face. He turned and reached out a hand to Lin Wanwan.

“Wanwan, come out quickly. Uncle’s here. No one will hit you.”

His bearded face tried to squeeze out a gentle smile, but his appearance looked more wretched.

“Come here, Uncle has a lollipop for you.”

“” Lin Wanwan nearly laughed out loud.

“You really won’t hit me?” As if convinced, she lifted her pale face and asked fearfully.


Only then was Lin Wanwan relieved and reached out her hand to An Qiao’s.