Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 661

Chapter 661 This Naughty Girl

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Local movies had been on a downhill slide for many years. Even those that were aired overseas did not attract much attention.

"The Distance Just for You" gave the netizens a sense of pride.

In contrast, the TV headquarters was in a somewhat awkward position.

Right after theyd criticized the movie, reality kicked in and gave it a tight slap.

The internet was not a forgiving place. A bunch of people commented on the TV stations official Weibo, and some even sent letters to the headquarters address to mock their judgment.

Never underestimate the power of the masses.

Under pressure, the TV station had no choice but to reevaluate the situation. It was only settled after an apology was issued, with them blaming it on a "careless mistake of staff members."

The quick turn of events set Lin Wanwan in awe.

She looked for Lu Zhanbei and asked right away, "Did you do this?"

"Its Si Han."

Lu Zhanbei explained briefly as Lin Wanwan looked puzzled. "I had my guess on the old mans tricks, so I gave Si Han a warning. He clearly didnt disappoint."

Lin Wanwan let out a sigh of relief. "Seems like Ive been worried for nothing."

"Did you come up with any solution on your own?"

"Yep! Although the methods are different, the core idea was also to make use of the voice of the masses."

Lu Zhanbei looked interested. "Im listening."

"I know a famous foreign forum that had a large Chinese community. I was thinking of uploading the movie there to increase the reach through our fellow countrymen."

She did think of selling the copyright to foreign theatres, but she didnt think there would be enough time for it. Little did she know that Lu Zhanbei had the upper hand all along.

Lu Zhanbei gave his honest opinion. "Not a bad idea, but its going to take a long time to show effect."

Lin Wanwan clicked her tongue.You are right! You are always right!

Although the matter was solved, she felt like something was missing.

Not returning the "favor" wasnt her style.

"Lu Zhanbei, what does your father care about the most?"

"Madam Fu, his true love."

Before Madam Fu appeared in his life, it was power and authority that he cared about.

Lin Wanwans lips curved into a cheeky arc as her eyes sneaked onto Lu Zhanbeis shoulders.

"Baby, can you do me a favor?"

It was obvious that she had come up with some mischievous plan.

"Say it."

Lin Wanwan mumbled by his ears.

After she finished, Lu Zhanbei stared at her, looking a little impressed. "Cant believe that you thought of such an idea."

Lin Wanwan had her head up. "Never underestimate a woman! Your dad is too powerful for an ant-like me, but dont dream Id let him step on me however he wants!"

One had to pay for bullying her, no matter who it was.

Lu Zhanbei liked the way she was.

"I can help you, but I should get something in return as well."

Lin Wanwan signaled the man to come closer with her finger.

Lu Zhanbei moved close. Before he could reach for her lips, a pair of delicate hands wrapped around his waist and started tickling him.

Lu Zhanbei let out a chuckle.

"Laughter slows down your aging process, and that is my gift to you. Thank me later!"

Lin Wanwan left gracefully, waving her hand in the air.

Lu Zhanbeis smile didnt fade by a bit as he fixed his hair.

This naughty girl!