Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 663

Chapter 663 No Limit To Her Tricks 2

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Lu Zhanbei was speechless as well, but he had no choice but to fulfill the wish of his future wife.

"What are you waiting for, hurry up and serve Mr. Lu!"

"Yes." The girls moved toward Lu Zhengyu.

Lu Zhengyu smirked as he raised his hand to push the girl away, but his arm couldnt move an inch.

The woman was stronger than she looked, and he couldnt get out of her grip quick enough.

The other three took the chance. One sat on his lap, one cuddled beside him, and another grabbed his collar.

The last one was more daring as she went straight for his lips.

Lu Zhengyu did not appreciate the "gift" at all. Instead, his protruding temples showed his anger.

"Get lost!"

He swung his arms and got the women off of him.

He stomped toward Lu Zhanbei with a murderous aura.

"Lu Zhanbei, you"

Before he could curse his guts out, Lu Zhanbei cut him off.

His fingers drew a perfect arc in the air as his lazed eyes glanced over his shoulder.

"Seems like Mr. Lu isnt satisfied, get me another batch."

"You unfilial child!" Lu Zhengyu couldnt take it anymore. He raised his legs, aiming for Lu Zhengyu, who was slothing on the sofa.

Undoubtedly, it missed. The unfilial child before his eyes even mocked him. "Dont even try; you are no match for me."

Lu Zhengyu almost vomited blood.

Others had children to take care of them in old age, but his son was like his greatest enemy!

Lu Zhengyu had the urge to shoot Lu Zhanbei in the head, but he didnt bring enough men with him so he had to save that for later.

"Bastard! Just wait til the day you come begging for forgiveness!"

Lu Zhanbei snorted.

Unfilial and bastard, cant he come up with something new?

He glanced at the four women as he waved his hand. "You can leave now."

"Yes, sir."

The four of them worked under Gu Mo and took on todays task after a brief training.

Lu Zhanbei left the lounge and went to the security room.

Lin Wanwan, who was sipping tea on the sofa, gave him a thumbs up.

"Great acting."

"All done?"

Lin Wanwan nodded as she passed him a stack of photos. "Ill leave it up to you."

"No problem."

Lu Zhanbei scanned through the pictures. "Hope the old man would like this as a gift."

The next day, a piece of news shook the upper reaches of society.

"Mogul attends a secret party, enjoying himself with multiple girls!"

To the ordinary citizens, it was nothing more than a rich man looking for some fun.

However, anyone who was powerful enough could tell who the man in the picture was.

Meanwhile, Lu Zhengyu, who was across the globe, checked the news after receiving the information from his butler.

"Bastard!" He smashed the laptop in rage.

Lu Zhanbei dug him a pit, and he fell for it!

Suddenly, Lu Zhengyus eyes went wide open as he yelled at the butler. "Shut down the internet! Now!"

The butlers voice softened. "When I went up, I saw Madam sitting in front of the computer"

Lu Zhengyus expression changed as he rushed to her room.

A woman with long and black hair sat facing a laptop with the striking news right on the screen.