Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 664

Chapter 664 Who Was The Gentleness In Her Eyes For?

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"Stop looking!"

With a slam, Lu Zhengyu closed the notebook shut. Then, he realized his movements were too rough. His expression softened and he wanted to explain.

The woman had already looked up, and her expression was bleak. Her clear eyes were as quiet and gentle as the mountains and rivers.

"Zhengyu, Im not angry. Instead, Im very happy."

Lu Zhengyu realized that the words she was going to say next would definitely not be something hed like to listen to. He wanted to stop her, but it was already too late.

"You have wasted so many years on me. Its enough. Im not suited for you. I also hope you can let me go and find"

Under Lu Zhengyus ferocious stare, as if he wanted to eat her alive, the woman shut up.

She knew that if she went on, Lu Zhengyu would definitely lock her in the room and punish her ruthlessly in a way she didnt like.

At the same time, she would lose her freedom and become a canary in a cage.

It had been so many years. She had long learned to accept life.

However, her heart would never compromise.

She wanted to escape from Lu Zhengyu and fulfill a wish.

The woman seemed to have thought of something beautiful and could not help but rub her lips lightly and smile.

She smiled very beautifully. There seemed to be stars shining in her pure eyes.

However, Lu Zhengyus heart ached. He knew that this smile wasnt for him. The gentleness in her eyes was also not for him.

"You should return to the room."

"Ok." The woman didnt retaliate and obediently left the study room.

Lu Zhengyu stood at the same spot. A trace of desolation was revealed in his tall figure.

After a long while, he lay limp on the sofa. Besides powerlessness and frustration, there was more heartache.

It had been almost thirteen years

Regardless of how hard he tried, he still couldnt push open the door to her heart.

The first few years they were together, he kept asking her if he held a position in her heart. She was always silent.

After that, he no longer asked. She didnt take the initiative and mention it either.

They lived happier and happier. At the very least, that was what Lu Zhengyu thought so.

He lied to himself that she loved him. If she didnt, she would have left a long time ago.

However, a newspaper and a few photos exposed her true thoughts. They also cruelly tore off the layer of happiness on the surface.

"Lu Zhanbei Lin Wanwan"

He mumbled their names. His feelings of paranoia were like a shadow, occupying the entire heart.

If Lin Wanwan didnt exist and Lu Zhanbei didnt wreak havoc, he would still be leading a happy life.

Even if its fake happiness

He would gladly endure the hardship!

At the same time, Lin Wanwan was also discussing with Lu Zhanbei over the matter of "Lu Zhengyu on the hunt."

"Haha!" She was so happy that she rolled around on the bed. "That Madam must be arguing badly with your father now. Your father sees her as his precious. He might actually go all out to please her. When I think of him begging for mercy, I feel so good!"

Lin Wanwan practically laughed until she was an expression bag.

Lu Zhanbeis eyes shone slightly. This tactic seemed inconspicuous. However, to the old man, it had definitely created immense hurt.

Perhaps others couldnt understand him. However, Lu Zhanbei could understand his feelings.

If Lin Wanwan didnt love him, he would also follow the old mans practice. He would watch as the other partys heart flew further and further away from him. In the end, what he would get was a living corpse without a soul.

The despair and pain were far more unforgettable than physical pain.

"Lu Zhanbei, what are you thinking?"

Seeing the hand that kept shaking in front of him, Lu Zhanbei recovered himself and looked into her curious eyes.

"Nothing. I just suddenly feel Im very lucky."