Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 665

Chapter 665 Coincidentally You Like Me Too

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Lin Wanwan said sourly, "Indeed, youre very lucky. Youre born as a specially privileged person. Youre good-looking, have a good figure, and are so rich. Youre simply Gods birth son. A normal person couldnt compare to you."

Lu Zhanbei shook his head. He stared fixedly into her eyes. "There are only three things Im most lucky about."

"Which three?"

"Number one, knowing you. Number two, you coming back alive. Number three coincidentally, you liking me too."

It was rare for Lu Zhanbei to have such a gentle gaze. Lin Wanwan was confused, and her heart started to beat rapidly.

She pretended to be calm and coughed. "In your heart, Im that important?"


Lin Wanwan felt sweetness in her heart. "Then tell me, what pros do I have for you to like me?"

"Impulsive, crafty, daredevil, failing to make good on your promise"

Every time he said a word, another black line appeared on Lin Wanwans forehead, and she became more speechless in despair.

The expectant feeling turned into a bubble. She stared resentfully at Lu Zhanbei. He laughed and stretched out his long arm, pulling her into his embrace.

"In my heart, youre the most perfect. All your flaws are pros."

Lin Wanwan died.

After experiencing obstacle after obstacle, "The Distance Just for You" finally landed successfully in all major cinemas.

On the first day of screening, even if there were a lot of movie timings at each cinema, it was still a full house. After all, almost everyone in Xia country had heard about this movie.

Everyone entered with full expectations. All of them came out crying.

Lin Wanwan had also snuck in to the cinema then and could understand their feelings.

Although the movie was not as grand and the special effects were not as strong as the ones in European and American movies, it won in its realistic scenes and exquisite plot.

Each scene perfectly restored the local customs. The passion of the people was united as one, and wanting the country to become more powerful was enough to awaken everyones patriotic feelings.

Jin Yanrans death was all the more touching.

From being a prostitute, she eventually sacrificed herself for the countrys righteousness. She was definitely worthy of the title of a "hero."

Even if the reason she did this was for love and even if she never told Jiang Yi that she liked him, she was like a moth who flew into a sea of fire without hesitation.

The Internets evaluation of the movie also underwent a tremendous transformation.

"To be honest, this movie didnt disappoint me. Director Tans control of the images was as good as ever. Luo Hans and Lian Qis performance also made my eyes shine. Lin Wanwan really gave me a huge surprise. A young girl could actually live out Jin Yanrans charms and the vicissitudes of life well!"

"Even if Lin Xiao were alive, her performance should only be more or less equal to Lin Wanwans. This is my personal opinion. Dont berate me if you dont like it."

"Jin Yanrans a hero. However, in the end, everyone forgets about her /cries loudly"

"Thankfully, the management found its conscience and passed this audit. If not, we would be missing out on such an excellent movie."

"I have no regrets anymore. I believe Xiaoxiao would feel the same."

"The Distance Just for You" was completely popular. Lin Wanwan became popular as well.

The movie broke through all major records at a miraculous speed. Single-day box office sales, word-of-mouth rate, total box office sales the other movies that were screening at the same period had no way to fight back at all.

Lin Wanwan also saw those comments and felt comforted. This was her original intention for filming this movie.

Even an ordinary woman could become a national hero after having the motivation to fight.

At this time, the mobile rang.

"Hello, Si Dada."

"Two pieces of good news."

Si Han had always been concise.