Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 666

Chapter 666 Stealing His Girl

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"The movies box office sales results are out. According to your contract with Tan Zhiyue, along with the overseas copyright, you can get ten million yuan this time around."

Director Tan was awesome!

Lin Wanwan was so happy that her eyes formed a crescent moon.

Movies generally didnt pay actors a performance fee but a one-time buyout instead. Regardless of how well the movie performed, the fees belonged to the investors and director.

However, in order to motivate the actors, Tan Zhiyue didnt pay a high contract fee. Instead, he gave out a bit of dividend to a few lead actors and actresses.

Si Han smiled. "Number two, Ill send a script over to you shortly. Well start filming in three days."

Lin Wanwan was curious. "Which company was tired of living and dared to find me to film?"

She was still in the state of being given the cold shoulder by Lu Zhengyu.

"I funded it."

"What about the production team?"

"I found them."

"The broadcast channels?"

"Ive found them. Any more questions?"

Lin Wanwan wanted to kowtow to him. Indeed, he was the omnipotent Si Dada.

"Report punctually in three days!"

After hanging up the call, Lin Wanwan came to the window and took a deep breath.

Si Han had really gone all out for her. She had to put in more effort.

Lin Wanwan wasnt a leisurely person. Before the filming of the TV drama started, besides memorizing the script, she spent most of her time thinking about how to make her acting skills even better.

Occasionally, when she felt bored, she would go to the gym to train herself. She led her life in a quiet and fulfilling manner.

The day she joined the production team, she saw a familiar face.

Ouyang Li.

This Little Fresh Meat was someone she felt had potential and promoted when she was Lin Xiao. After several years of struggle, although he didnt manage to become a grade-A actor, he could be considered to be a popular celebrity.

Lin Wanwan poked Si Han. "Hes actually willing to cooperate with me at this critical moment."

"Not everyone is as ungrateful as Gu Yien."

The newbies Lin Wanwan promoted earlier had obtained an admirable position. Although there were two who had already established their own doors and drew the line between themselves and Lin Xiao, Ouyang Li had always been reminiscing the goodness of Lin Xiao and Si Han. Seeing that Si Han was recruiting actors, he recommended himself and didnt want to be paid.

As for the director of the TV drama, An Qiao had also recommended himself.

Lin Wanwan was a little touched.

The friendships that offered timely help and support were invaluable.

The drama was called "Loving You Is My Business." Although the title was a bit crude, the plot was not bad.

The cold and overbearing female CEO fell in love with the male lead at first sight and started her pursuit.

The first few episodes were full of comical effects. However, there was a sharp turning point in the middle.

It turned out that the male lead was here for revenge. He pretended to be the type of man the female lead liked. After obtaining power from the female lead, he started to abuse their love.

Lin Wanwan couldnt bear to look at this sight but expressed understanding at the same time. After all, the audience fancied such a plot.

Lin Wanwan hadnt been working for a long time. Once she started, she couldnt stop.

Lu Zhanbei was very busy recently too. There were even times when you couldnt see him for the entire day.

The weather was hotter. Lin Wanwan memorized her script while sitting down, and she was sweating buckets even though there was wind blowing at her.


A familiar female voice traveled over. Lin Wanwan turned around and saw Shen Zhiyis beautiful smiling face.

"Sister Zhiyi, why are you here?"

Shen Zhiyi handed over the bag in her hands to her. "Taking the chance when Zhanbeis busy to steal his girl."

Lin Wanwan smiled and took out the mango ice from the bag. Touched, she said, "Youre so good to me."

"If youre touched, please devote your life to me."

"" Lin Wanwan shut up and focused on eating her mango ice.

Shen Zhiyi appreciated her elegant eating. She suddenly asked, "Has Zhanbei told you that theres a gathering tonight?"