Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 667

Chapter 667 Youre Shameless

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Lu Zhanbei had recently cooperated with the country on a big project. The organizer of the project threw a gathering, which was also a disguise to make public this piece of news.

"If youre going, lets go together, shall we?"

"Ok." Lin Wanwan nodded readily.

After knocking off, both of them returned to Yun Mansion and dressed up.

As Lu Zhanbei had a meeting that hadnt ended yet, he got Gu Mo to drive them over first.

The venue of the banquet was at a municipal building in the Imperial City. Once she stepped foot into the magnificent hall, Lin Wanwan could not help but squint her eyes.

Under the bright lights, the well-dressed men and women were talking and laughing. When they noticed Lin Wanwan and Shen Zhiyi walking in from the corner of their eyes, their eyes immediately shone.

The people present were all big shots who were standing at the top of the Xia country pyramid. They naturally did not find Ms. Shen a stranger. Lin Wanwan left a deep impression on them as well. After all, she was the first to successfully break the rule of having to be on equal social standing as her partner.

The dignified and super-wealthy young master of the Lu family would actually give up a business marriage with the Shen family for her. He spared no effort to eradicate the Yue family and fell out completely with his father

Lu Zhanbei was a lunatic.

Lin Wanwan, this vixen, could actually control this lunatic. It could be seen how deeply skilled she was.

Shen Zhiyi pinched Lin Wanwans hand, worried that she would be nervous.

"Dont be afraid. Im your escort tonight."

Lin Wanwan chuckled and was not affected. "Thanks for your pity."

Shen Zhiyi waved her hands. This was nothing.

The two of them picked a corner and sat down. One moment, Shen Zhiyi was giving Lin Wanwan a glass of fruit juice. The next moment, she helped her to take a piece of cake. She was showcasing all kinds of thoughtfulness and gentleness, and many people who were paying attention to them were very surprised.

Lin Wanwan felt a little embarrassed as well.

Thankfully, not long later, someone familiar with Shen Zhiyi called her and she went away.

Once the escort left, the person looking for trouble immediately appeared.

A young girl from a rich family, who seemed to have been crushing on Lu Zhanbei for a long time, walked over. She sized Lin Wanwan up and snorted coldly.

"Besides being slightly prettier, theres nothing special."

Lin Wanwan just smiled. She could tell that although this girl was arrogant, she didnt have a bad heart. She wasnt even sharp-tongued.

"Hey, what talent do you have? Do you know how to play the piano? Play chess? Calligraphy? National paintings?"

Lin Wanwan shook her head. "I dont."

The way she looked at her was with more disdain. "Then do you know how to ride a horse or play golf?"

"I dont."

The girl seemed to be angry. She glared at her fiercely. "Since you have nothing, on what basis are you staying by his side?"

Lin Wanwan returned a sentence calmly and shamelessly, "On the basis that he likes me."


The girl was so angry that tears were in her eyes.

The people who witnessed this scene were full of interest.

This was the daughter of a high-ranking official, a girl who dared to make a ruckus if she was willful enough. It seemed that Lin Wanwan would be suffering for offending her.

Once Tang Chen entered, he witnessed this scene and frowned. He hastened his pace.

Qi Junze was one step behind. A trace of cold light flashed past his eyes.

"Youre shameless!" The girl scolded.

Lin Wanwan felt nothing. However, a fierce glimmer of light flashed past Tang Chens peach-shaped eyes.

He was someone hard-hearted. He was about to give the other party a lesson when a tall and slender figure flashed past him and walked ahead.

"Lulu, have you forgotten what I told you?"

"Sister Shen!"