Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 668

Chapter 668 Im Still A Virgin

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When the girl named Liang Lulu saw Shen Zhiyi, she immediately became a fangirl and said, "I didnt bully her. However, this woman doesnt know anything. Why do you want to get involved with such a person? You said that I was your favorite last time. Could it be that youre lying to me?"

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan wanted to find a hole to drill in.

It turned out that the "he" Liang Lulu was referring to was actually a "she."

Damn. She had read too much into it.

Shen Zhiyi had the gift of flirting. Not too long later, Liang Lulus anger turned into joy.

She held Shen Zhiyis arm and asked for a date like a spoiled child. After getting Shen Zhiyis approval, she immediately walked away obediently.

Lin Wanwan sighed. Ms. Shens relationships with the same sex were really extraordinary.

"Sigh. Being too popular is also a sin."

Shen Zhiyi sighed hypocritically and occupied the space next to Lin Wanwan. Then, she cast a provoking stare at Tang Chen, who was standing by the side.

"Sorry, peach-shaped eyes. Lin Wanwans escort tonight is me. You can continue to queue and wait for a chance."

Tang Chen was seated on the other side of Lin Wanwan. He said lazily, "Thank you, Ms. Shen, for taking care of my future wife."

Shen Zhiyi said with a fake smile, "Youre as equally thick-skinned as Lu Zhanbei."

"My feelings for Lin Wanwan are also as real as his. No, theyre more real than his."

Young Tang didnt forget to confess anytime, anywhere.

Lin Wanwan, who was sandwiched between the two of them, felt helpless. She was about to come up with an excuse to sneak out when a gentle male voice traveled over.

"Ms. Lin, I havent seen you for a while."

Lin Wanwan looked up and saw the gentle and handsome Qi Junze. Her eyelids jumped and she decisively stood up.

"Wanwan, what are you doing?"

Lin Wanwan didnt answer Shen Zhiyi. Instead, she pulled her further away from Tang Chen.

"Mr. Qi, this seats for you."

Tang Chen didnt think too much of this. Instead, Qi Junze seemed to be in deep thoughts. He looked at her coldly.

"Ms. Lins very smart."

Lin Wanwan curved her lips. "Is your next sentence going to be that smart people usually dont live for long?"

Qi Junze leaned back leisurely in his seat and held up the gold-rimmed spectacles on his face. "How would I? I hope Ms. Lin lives until old age."

Lin Wanwan smiled coldly and didnt continue the conversation.

She wanted to rest for a while. However, Qi Junze seemed very interested to continue chatting.

He shifted his gaze to Shen Zhiyi. "If I didnt remember wrongly, Ms. Shen used to be Mr. Lus fiance. It looks like Mr. Lu has very good relationships with women."

Lin Wanwan raised her eyebrow. Was he trying to sow discord?

Tang Chen nodded in agreement. "Lu Zhanbei seems to be lucky in love. Lin Wanwan, be careful. He might make a cuckold out of you."

Shen Zhiyi gave a tsk. "Peach-shaped eyes. I feel that you are more likely to be luckier in love. Whoever follows you would be made a cuckold over and over again."

Tang Chen raised his eyebrow. "Im still a virgin."

Shen Zhiyi half-laughed. "Oh, then I wish you will remain as one forever."

Seeing that the two of them were bickering in disagreement, Lin Wanwan quietly pulled Shen Zhiyi away, signaling her not to overdo it.

Pervert Qi was still here. If they continued talking about it, he was very likely to categorize Shen Zhiyi as a love rival.

Tang Chen stood up. Then, he sat next to Lin Wanwan again.

Lin Wanwan looked at him with condemnation. This god of plague was deliberately trying to find trouble for her.

"Dear, how have you been recently?"

"It has been smooth-sailing. Very prosperous."

Tang Chen didnt mind Lin Wanwans absent-mindedness at all. He propped his elbows on the sofa, tilted his head, and looked at her. He didnt hide the fieriness in his eyes.