Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 669

Chapter 669 : Sensing Something Fishy

Chapter 669: Sensing Something Fishy
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"Its wrong to lie. I have heard about what happened to you overseas. My hug has the ability to destress. Do you want to try it?"

Lin Wanwan said disapprovingly, "Whats my motivation when Im not stressed? I dont need it."

Tang Chen suddenly leaned toward her and used a very intimate gesture to whisper in a low voice to her ear, "Lu Zhengyus plan of giving you the cold shoulder has failed. Guess what his next move is going to be?"

He leaned in so unexpectedly that Lin Wanwan didnt have time to avoid him at all.

"Theres always a solution to every problem."

After she said this, she wanted to retreat.

Tang Chen said meaningfully, "Dont be so naive. Regardless of how overboard Lu Zhengyu is going, he is still Lu Zhanbeis birth father. No one can guarantee who he will choose until the very last minute."

Lin Wanwan frowned. "What exactly are you trying to say?"

Young Tang was very straightforward. "Give him up and choose me. I have a car and a house, and both my parents are dead."

"" Lin Wanwan was speechless.

Shen Zhiyi and Qi Junze heard the conversation between the two clearly.

The former was carrying the attitude of watching the excitement and was listening to them with interest.

As for Qi Junze, he was holding a glass of red wine. His eyes were lowered, and he gave a faint smile. He was giving off an unfathomable expression.

Seeing that Lin Wanwan ignored him, Tang Chen stood up and made a gesture of invitation.

"Ms. Lin, may I invite you for a dance?"

Lin Wanwan was about to refuse him when an elegant male voice interrupted her.


Lu Zhanbei was wearing formal clothes today. His silver-gray suit complemented his striped tie, and he looked exceptionally elegant and restrained.

Just by standing there alone, the aura he revealed was like a big mountain everyone could not help but look up.

He was a natural illuminator. Once he appeared, he immediately captured everyones attention.

Tang Chen glanced at him unhappily. "I didnt invite you. Do you have to be so controlling?"

"Im just exercising my rights as a boyfriend."

Lu Zhanbei refuted plainly, and he looked at Lin Wanwan with his cold phoenixes. "Shall we dance?"


Lin Wanwan placed her hand onto his palm without any hesitation. She looked up and smiled, no longer guarded. Her eyebrows revealed a young girls playfulness.

She would only reveal her true side in front of him.

Tang Chen, who was standing still at the original spot, looked at their back views. His expression was quiet, and a layer of mist covered his eyes. One look at it and anyone would feel scared.

Shen Zhiyi inexplicably felt that he was pitiful. However, very quickly, she got rid of this ridiculous thought and laughed out loud.

There were a lot of pitiful people in this world. Tang Chen was definitely not one of them.

"Peach-shaped eyes, why dont I show you my compassion and accompany you for a dance?"

Tang Chen seemed to not have heard anything and sat back down on the sofa.

Qi Junzes eyes moved lightly, and he patted Tang Chens shoulder, like how a brother would. His movements were natural, but the slight stiffness of his arm had still revealed that he was feeling uneasy deep inside.

"Theres still a lot of days ahead of us."

Tang Chens eyes turned dark.

Yes, theres still a lot of days ahead of us.


Tang Chen covered the spot where his heart was and felt that the beast within was about to break out.

He uncontrollably paid attention to every single detail in Lin Wanwans life. He knew that there would be images he didnt want to see tonight. However, he couldnt help but to appear, just so that he could see her.

Qi Junze looked at him and very quickly shifted his gaze away. He rubbed his thin lips lightly and looked foreboding.

Tang Chens eyes would only shine when he was chatting with Lin Wanwan.

Shen Zhiyi took a deep breath.


She sensed something fishy was going on.