Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 67

Chapter 67 To Give Someone A Dose Of Her Own Medicine

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An Qiao pulled her out. Because he saw that her body was shivering and that she still seemed to be in fear, he hurriedly dug in his pockets but found nothing. He could only awkwardly ask for help.

“Ah whoever has some sweets, take them out. It’s an emergency.”

Everyone searched themselves for a while. A woman in charge of the slate board delivered a packet of biscuits.

“Do you eat Oreo?”

“I have cake here!”

“Ah, I found a big packet of White Rabbit candy. For you!”

In a short while, a small mountain of tidbits formed.

“Eat them quickly, Wanwan. These are all yours.”

Lin Wanwan was speechless at how An Qiao spoke as if he was coaxing a child. It was even more ridiculous when everyone else was looking over with keen eyes.

Hello?! She was not really a child!

It was such a torture to pretend to be a child.

In the end, she unwrapped a White Rabbit candy and placed it in her mouth. Her face revealed a shy smile.

“Very tasty.”

Everyone smiled kindly.

Hai Lan stood at a corner and watched everyone gather round the respected Lin Wanwan. She could not stomach the boiling anger in her and very nearly vomited her internal organs out!

She wanted to demand an explanation from Lin Wanwan, but the people around her were guarding her as if she were a thief.

She did not expect that a fool actually had such a vicious plot!

She had belittled her!

Hai Lan suppressed the strong anger in her and glared fiercely at Lin Wanwan.

Coincidentally, Lin Wanwan looked over as well.

Their eyes met, and Lin Wanwan’s lips curved up slightly with a scorn that was not easily detected.

Hai Lan wanted to give her a hard time, so she was just giving her a dose of her own medicine!

She, Lin Wanwan, was not a saint who would endure obediently after being hit by others!

Hai Lan saw the smile on Lin Wanwan’s face and her expression changed immediately.

“Lin Wanwan, you’re really”

Before finishing her words, Lin Wanwan immediately backed away like a frightened rabbit.

An Qiao sensed something unusual and turned his head. Upon seeing Hai Lan’s fierce look, he stared at her warningly.

Hai Lan was so angry she nearly bit a tooth! In the end, she could only leave reluctantly.

Gu Mo looked at Hai Lan’s dejected back view and looked again at Lin Wanwan, who was eating while being surrounded by a group of people. He was full of admiration.

“Sir, this is definitely some superb acting skills!”

The entire situation was reversed without much effort.

How was she like an edelweiss? She was obviously a man-eating night blooming cereus!

Lu Zhanbei did not say yes or no and turned back to the car.

“We should leave too.”

After Lin Wanwan calmed down, there were reporters who wanted to interview her.

An Qiao was worried that the reporters’ questions would dig up her inner scars, but Lin Wanwan smiled sweetly.

“No problem, you guys treated me to so many delicious food just now. If there’s any questions, just ask them!”

She had also wanted to announce something through the media.

Her straightforwardness led to the reporters developing positive feelings for her.

“Wanwan, I heard that you started studying only about half a month ago. What have you been doing in the past ten or so years then?”

“Staying at home.”

“Did your family treat you well?”


Of course not, but she could not directly say that out loud.

Lin Wanwan struggled with her expression. She wanted to nod and shake at the same time, and her eyes were full of gloom.

Seeing this, the reporters understood the situation.

“This question might be a bit difficult for you. You don’t have to reply. Come, have another lollipop.”

Lin Wanwan reached over. As she unwrapped the wrapper, she mumbled with dissatisfaction, “I’m no longer a child.”

Everyone laughed out loud.

Lin Wanwan put the lollipop in her mouth and had a mysterious look on her face. “On account that you guys treated me to candy, let me tell you a secret!”