Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 670

Chapter 670 Do Whatever He Can To Keep Her Worry Free

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On the dance floor, Lin Wanwan placed her hands on Lu Zhanbeis shoulders. As she matched his dance steps, she said with a lingering look on her face, "Thankfully, you came in time."

Lu Zhanbei found it funny. "This isnt your first time attending an occasion like this. Whats there to be worried about?"

"I was worried about that pervert, alright?"

"Qi Junze?"

Lin Wanwan nodded. "If Tang Chen wasnt around, I dont have to care much. However, the two of them appeared together. I was afraid I would be in the picture again when I did nothing at all."

It was very scary once women turned jealous. It was the same for men.

Lu Zhanbei traced her beautiful waistline. "Were in the Imperial Capital. Even if Qi Junze had a hundred guts, he wouldnt dare to lay a hand on my turf."

Lin Wanwan glared at him. "Were in public. Dont use your hands and legs on me."

"I can use my hands and legs when were back home?"

" Im going to bash you."

The two of them danced elegantly on the dance floor. Although the dance was not difficult, the moves were elegant. The two of them were good-looking as well, forming an eye-catching image. As such, a lot of people in the crowd paid attention to them.

After dancing to this song, Lu Zhanbei started to handle the guests who stepped forward to mingle.

Lin Wanwan wanted to wait by the side but Lu Zhanbei insisted on bringing her around with him.

A middle-aged man who looked like an elite walked over. He smiled and said, "Mr. Lu, congratulations on winning such a big project. Indeed, each new generation exceeds the former. I, from the former generation, am about to die on the beaches. After the project is successful, I hope Mr. Lu can consider my organization."

Not only was this project, which was strongly supported by the country, highly profitable, once it succeeded, it would also expand internationally.

Even though the people present came from strong backgrounds, they were still interested in taking a share of the loot.

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrows slightly.

At this time, the middle-aged man turned his gaze toward Lin Wanwan. "This must be Mr. Lus girlfriend. Both of you are so good-looking. I wish you both a blissful marriage in advance."

As his words fell, Lu Zhanbei nodded. "I will consider."

Upon hearing this, the middle-aged man immediately knew that he had done a good job sucking up to him.

After saying a lot of beautiful words that wished Lu Zhanbei and Lin Wanwan all the best, he left with satisfaction.

Upon witnessing this, the rest of the people seemed to have gotten it and took turns. They no longer tried to please Lu Zhanbei like they did before. Instead, they beat around the bush and praised Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan chuckled as well.

Lu Zhanbeis look was as indifferent as before and didnt look any different from his usual self. However, the people who have had dealings with him before could tell that he was in a good mood.

Mr. Lu, who was always too lazy to be bothered with others, actually gave them a response!

Everyone was impressed. This Lin Wanwan was something.

After making some small talk, Lin Wanwan felt light-headed from all the compliments.

"I initially thought that some people would make things difficult for me tonight."

Every circle had an unwritten rule. For instance, the newbies who just joined the entertainment circle would be despised by their predecessors.

In the world of the rich and powerful, a nobody like her would undoubtedly be defined as a scheming woman who wanted to play up to people of influence.

Lu Zhanbei patted her head.

As long as he was powerful enough that everyone looked up to him, nobody would dare to make things difficult for her.

He would do whatever he could to keep her worry-free.

Shen Zhiyi, who was witnessing this scene from not too far away, was in deep thoughts. Was the magic of love so powerful?

Ms. Shen, who had never really fallen in love before, was deeply confused.

When Lin Wanwan returned, she coincidentally saw that Shen Zhiyi seemed to be in deep thoughts. She asked, "Sister Zhiyi, what are you thinking about?"