Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 672

Chapter 672 Yes Returning Home To Accompany The Boyfriend

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"No." Lin Wanwan knew what she wanted to say. She raised her eyebrow. "You can tell too? Thats right. After all, you and Qi Junze are the same type."

Shen Zhiyi shook her head. "No, no, no. My relationships are much purer than his."

She purely liked beautiful things. Beauties were just one of them.

It was not known what Lin Wanwan thought of. She suddenly burst out laughing. "Come to think of it, you and Tang Chen are pretty similar. Ones good at attracting girls while the others good at attracting men. If both of you exchange yourselves, that would be perfect."

Shen Zhiyi refused immediately. "I think girls are much cuter than men. Theyre easier to coax too."

Both of them chatted about this topic excitedly and completely neglected a certain someone surnamed Lu.

"Shen Zhiyi."


Lu Zhanbei shot daggers at her. His slight smile was full of maliciousness.

"Youre not young anymore. I heard Uncle Shen has been feeling troubled over your marriage. I know a few good young talents. Shall I recommend them to you soon?"

Shen Zhiyi raised her eyebrow. He was threatening her?

"Ok. However, dont worry. Even if I have a husband, I wouldnt forget to take care of your tender wife. After all, you will be busy during this period of time. As the saying goes, its easy to be unfaithful when one feels empty and lonely."

Lu Zhanbeis smile didnt change. He even said with gratitude, "It looks like Uncles wishes of wanting grandchildren are about to come true."

Shen Zhiyis expression stiffened. Good for him!

"Cough! Cough!"

Lin Wanwan cleared her throat and forcibly changed the topic. "Sister Zhiyi, which hospital are you working at?"

"The Imperial Capital Military Hospital."

With Lin Wanwan inserting dialog for comic relief, the atmosphere could still be considered harmonious.

After working for a day, Lin Wanwan was dog tired. After taking a shower, she climbed onto the bed and took the initiative to nestle herself in Lu Zhanbeis arms.

Before he could use his hands and legs on her, she mumbled, "Im sleepy."

Lu Zhanbei retrieved his hand without hesitation. He planted a gentle and light kiss on her forehead.

"Ill let you off. Goodnight."

Half a month was over in the blink of an eye. Although Lin Wanwan knew Lu Zhanbei would be busy, she didnt expect him to be this busy.

He woke up earlier than her and slept later than she did. When she returned in the middle of the night after getting off work, the lights in Lu Zhanbeis study room were still switched on.

What Lin Wanwan felt dissatisfied about was that Uncle Ying reported to her that he only had one meal a day!

At dusk, Lin Wanwan found An Qiao.

"Uncle An, lets stop here for today."

"Going home so early today?" An Qiao was shocked.

"No, Ill be going home this early every day from now on."

In An Qiaos heart, Lin Wanwan was someone who liked to fight hard. Once she started working, she would never be lazy aside from the basic rest.

"Did anything happen to you recently?"

"Yes. Returning home to accompany the boyfriend."

"" An Qiao, who was still single, felt like he was being struck by lightning.

After returning to Yun Mansion, Lin Wanwan started to cook.

Her cooking skills were ordinary. After going through recipes for a long time, she finally managed to brew a pot of nourishing soup successfully. She carried it upstairs.

She knocked on the door lightly. She was a bit worried she would disturb Lu Zhanbei. "May I come in?"

Lu Zhanbei pulled open the door. "You dont have to knock. You can just come in directly in the future."

Lin Wanwan walked in and didnt forget to tease him. "Who knows? You might be doing something shameful inside."

Indeed, she was an actress. Her imagination was rich.

Lu Zhanbei hugged Lin Wanwans waist. The tip of his tongue brushed past her earlobe. "Dont worry. My inventory is only for you."

Lin Wanwan felt numb. She slapped away his hands and said in bad temper, "Keep away the sperms in your brain first. Drink the soup!"