Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 673

Chapter 673 Do You Have A Vixen Outside

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Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow. "You brewed this?"

"Yes. Drink it quickly. If not, it will turn cold."

Lu Zhanbei drank a small sip first. He found the taste to be alright and, thus, drank it all.

He put down the soup bowl and was prepared to reward Lin Wanwan in person.

In the end, she collected the bowl and curved her lips in satisfaction. "You continue to busy yourself first. Ill go back to the room and rest."

Lu Zhanbei was speechless. ""

As it was still early, Lin Wanwan returned to the room and looked at her script. Then, she refreshed her Weibo.

She only stood up when the clock struck 10 pm. She knocked on Lu Zhanbeis door once again and kissed his cheek like a spoiled child.

"Im tired. Lets sleep together."

Lu Zhanbei pinched her hands. Even though he was doing high-intensity work, he didnt feel any fatigue.

"You go ahead first. Ill be right over."

Lin Wanwan swept her eyes across the thick documents on his study table. "Youre lying to me again. You answered me the same way yesterday night as well. In the end, after Im asleep, youre still working. Regardless of how busy you are, you have to keep yourself in check. Arent you afraid of working yourself to death?"

"I promise Ill be there immediately. Go and rest first. Be obedient."

Lin Wanwan looked at him. Then, she suddenly burst out crying.

Lu Zhanbei was confused. "Whats wrong?"

"Youre so heartless. You used to stick to me for 24 hours a day when you were chasing me. Now, youre not even willing to accompany me to sleep. Tell me. Do you have a vixen outside?!"

Her crying was too fake.

Lu Zhanbei left the documents on the table. He lifted her up horizontally and strode toward the bedroom.

"It looks like youre really feeling empty and lonely. In order to prevent you from being unfaithful, I could only try my best to satisfy you. Dont beg me for mercy later."

Lin Wanwan had an ominous feeling in her heart.

In order to prove his passion and innocence, Lu Zhanbei adopted a rather despicable way to let Lin Wanwan experience what was called being happy and tired.

In the next half a month, Lin Wanwan was still going out late and coming back early.

She took care of Lu Zhanbeis meals and forced him to sleep at 10 pm every night.

Nobody could succeed easily. Lu Zhanbei was the same.

He had fought for everything he owned right now.

Outsiders could only see his glorious moments but would not understand how much he had sacrificed for these.

On this matter, Lin Wanwan couldnt help him much. She could only try her best to take care of his health. After all, she still wanted to grow old together with him.

Half a month later, Lu Zhanbei finally completed the proposal.

At the top floor of Global Building, Lu Zhanbei put a thick stack of documents into a sandalwood box and handed it over to Gu Mo.

"Put it into the safe."

Gu Mo carefully received it. This proposal could be said to be a months worth of hard work by Sir and the entire Global Corporation.

The corporation had a data room dedicated to safekeeping confidential documents. There were several safes inside that could only be opened with Lu Zhanbeis fingerprints.

Gu Mo put the box with the proposal into the safe. However, he didnt know that a man had opened the passcode once he left.

He came to the front of the safe and took out a transparent film-like thing with a clear fingerprint on it.


The safe was opened.

The next day, Lin Wanwan was refreshing the news when she suddenly let out a flustered scream. "Lu Zhanbei, come over quickly!"

Lu Zhanbei received the mobile she handed over.

It was the headline of the finance section. The idea was that the Global Corporation would be joining hands with the country to be co-responsible for a project. Once it succeeded, it would promote the growth of Xia countrys gross domestic product per capita substantially.

Lin Wanwan didnt understand the commercial twists and turns. She was just puzzled why such an important piece of news would be leaked out.