Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 674

Chapter 674 This Was Impossible

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A glimmer of cold light flashed past Lu Zhanbeis eyes. On the surface, he smiled indifferently. "This must be Minister Ruans intention. Hes the representative sent by the country. After all, this project would indeed bring tremendous benefits to the country and encourage more small and medium-sized enterprises to be set up. Its quite heartening."

Only the good was reported for matters like these. Lin Wanwan understood it as well. She nodded and didnt say anything else.

The next day, Lu Zhanbei drove to the municipal building early in the morning.

"Mr. Lu, I have waited for you for a long time."

Although Minister Ruan was a high-ranking official, he didnt dare use his rank to suppress anyone in front of Lu Zhanbei.

Both of them arrived in the conference room. One look and Lu Zhanbei saw Lu Zhengyu, who was sitting in the master seat.

Oh? Why didnt he feel surprised at all?

Lu Zhengyus eyelids jumped. His fake smile looked a bit sullen. "You shouldnt mind if I came here to witness your success, right?"

Actually, he was also interested in this project. However, the management had directly appointed Lu Zhanbei.

Lu Zhanbei pulled the chair and sat down. "Even if I mind, you wouldnt leave. Suit yourself."

Minister Ruan coughed and had a formulaic smile on his face. "Mr. Lu, you actually only used a months time to complete the proposal for such a huge project. This proves that we havent found the wrong working partner. You can bring out the proposal now. After the three-day review period, we can officially begin."

Lu Zhanbei waved his hands.

Gu Mo took a step forward and placed the sandalwood box he was carrying onto the round table.

Minister Ruan opened the box and took out a huge stack of documents from inside.

Here, Lu Zhengyus lips curved into a sneer that was not easily detectable.

Minister Ruan flipped open the proposal with high expectations. However, one look at it and his face suddenly changed.

"What is going on?" He looked at Lu Zhanbei and said in an unkind tone, "Mr. Lu, I need an explanation!"

With a slam, he threw the documents onto the table. Even the glasses of water on the table shook a little.

Gu Mo, who was standing behind Lu Zhanbei, frowned.

This was the proposal that Sir had personally worked on. Could it be that he wasnt satisfied?

However, when Gu Mo saw that the document was full of white pages, his eyes instantly widened in disbelief.


This was impossible!

Three days ago, he had personally placed the proposal into the safe. Today, he had personally taken it out as well. Besides Sir, no one else could have handled it.

Lu Zhanbei looked at the table full of white pages. He was still looking calm. However, that pair of phoenixes squinted slightly.

It looked like they had been substituted stealthily.

Minister Ruan placed both hands on the table and said angrily, "We handed such an important project to you directly because we trust you. However, you have completely played with our trust! If you dont want to do this project or dont have the ability to complete it, you could have jolly well rejected it. Why did you have to use such a laughable way to express your dissatisfaction? I will report todays situation truthfully. Mr. Lu, all the best on your own!"

Upon hearing this, Gu Mos heart tightened.

He threw looks at Lu Zhanbei frantically. Lu Zhanbei seemed to not have seen them. He was still sitting there, as if silently agreeing to Minister Ruans words.

"Minister Ruan!"

As the situation was urgent, Gu Mo tried his luck and called out Minister Ruan. However, before he could explain anything, Lu Zhengyu interrupted him.

"Old Ruan, Zhanbei is my son. I understand him. He must not have done this deliberately. Give me some face. Let me ask him first what is going on."

Minister Ruan and Lu Zhengyu had some friendship. "Ok. If your son can give me a satisfactory answer, theres still room for change."