Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 676

Chapter 676 Yes I Miss You

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This factory base was the address Lu Zhanbei used to carry out the project. Although only a bit was constructed, a lot of manpower and resources had been invested in it.

Now that everything was ruined, it was a huge loss. The most important thing was that the culprit was actually from the Lu family

He didnt give out such an order!

Lu Zhengyu looked into Lu Zhanbeis quiet eyes. He, who feared nothing, actually had a moment of guilt.

"Regardless of whether you believe it or not, I didnt do this."

"I know."

Lu Zhanbei stood up slowly.

Although the old man was ruthless, he was so arrogant that he couldnt lie.

"You should know how conceited you are right now. You can use the nails lying in ambush within the Global Corporation to force me to compromise. Other people could naturally infiltrate the sphere of influence of the Lu family and try to compete for benefits. You have thought of everything but miscalculated something."

When he heard this, Lu Zhengyus expression was extremely gloomy.

Thinking about it again, he thought that this was not bad either.

Although he didnt know which a*shole dared to use him as a knife, the other partys move had indeed made Lu Zhanbei fall into a worse situation.

And this was Lu Zhengyus motive.

He wanted to push Lu Zhanbei to the edge of the cliff and force him to compromise!

"Are you sure you still want to fight with me at this stage?"

Lu Zhanbei glanced at him and the sarcasm in his eyes was revealed. "Goodbye."

After throwing this word, he left deftly.

Lu Zhengyu was so angry that he sucked in a breath of cold air. He ordered the butler, "Go and check immediately which bastard actually dared to use the Lu familys name to deal with Lu Zhanbei. Im going to hack the person to death!"

He could lay a hand on the unfilial son and even kill him without hesitation. However, he wouldnt allow others to even touch a strand of his hair!

The factory explosion was such a big piece of news that it couldnt be hidden from the public.

Ever since the project was exposed to the public, it had attracted widespread concern. Every day, there would be a large number of media reporters mingling near the factory, trying to get first-hand exclusive information.

When the factory suddenly exploded, the reporters who were keeping watch outside not only saw it with their own eyes, but also managed to take photos.

Within an hour, the news of the factory explosion had already swept over the Internet.

Although the details of this incident werent exposed to the media, to an ordinary person, the word "explosion" itself was enough to cause panic.

In the eyes of the public, the Global Corporation must have gotten into some big trouble to receive such retaliation. They felt too insecure handing over such an important project to a corporation like this.

Since this matter had blown up, Lin Wanwan very naturally knew about it.

She immediately stopped her filming and rushed back to Yun Mansion. She waited for the whole afternoon before seeing Lu Zhanbei. She immediately went up to him.

"Lu Zhanbei!"

Lu Zhanbei lifted her up. His handsome face didnt look gloomy at all. He could even tease her in a leisurely tone, "Missed me?"

Lin Wanwan bit her lip. After hesitating for a long time, she didnt ask him about the factory explosion. She wrapped both arms around his neck and took the rare initiative to land a kiss on his lips.

"Yes, I missed you."

Lu Zhanbei knew that she was comforting him in disguise.

He liked it.

He carried Lin Wanwan and sat on the sofa. He teased this rarely obedient kitten, "How much did you miss me?"

Lin Wanwan felt that he must be feeling terrible after this incident. She smiled sweetly and thumped his chest.

"I accidentally fell asleep on the set. My dreams were full of your face. Thus, I stopped filming and immediately ran back to see you."