Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 677

Chapter 677 Come And Find Me. Ill Provide For You

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Lu Zhanbei nodded. "That sounds nice. However, its not very convincing."

Lin Wanwan blinked. "What should I do to make you believe me?"

Lu Zhanbeis thin lips curved into a flirtatious but not despicable smile. It really had the power to make one go crazy.

Lin Wanwan pouted. She leaned over and used the tip of her tongue to slowly brush past his beautiful thin lips. Then, she learned the way he kissed her and went deeper bit by bit.

This move wasnt considered too explicit or bold. However, there was a kind of clumsy sweetness that was tugging at ones heartstrings.

Lu Zhanbei squinted his phoenixes and enjoyed her taking the initiative.

At the end of the kiss

"Now, you should believe I miss you, right?"

Lu Zhanbei, whose mood had improved, responded with a yes.

Lin Wanwan nestled herself in his arms. Her mind was in a daze, and she didnt know what he was thinking about as well.

At this moment, Lu Zhanbeis mobile rang. He picked up the call.

The two of them were leaning very close to each other. Lin Wanwan heard the contents as well. The general idea was that after Minister Ruan sought opinions from the management, they decided to cut off the working partnership with the Global Corporation due to public pressure. They would also be holding a fair bid.

The Global Corporation was not qualified for the bid.

Lin Wanwans heart tightened.

"I understand."

Lu Zhanbei hung up the call. He tilted his head and saw her worried eyes. He smiled and played with her hair.

"Its just a project. No worries."


Minister Ruans words were clear enough. The Global Corporation was now on Xia countrys blacklist. What development opportunities would the corporation have in the future?

"No buts."

Lu Zhanbei placed a slender finger on her lips and raised his eyebrows slightly. "Didnt you complain that I was too busy to accompany you during this period of time? Now, we can have our alone time."

Lin Wanwan saw that he didnt seem to be affected and her heart relaxed a little.

"Was this your fathers doing?"

"Yes." Lu Zhanbei didnt intend to explain the details to her. He simply pushed the blame to Lu Zhengyu.

Lin Wanwan was angry.

Would Lu Zhengyu only rest when his own sons reputation was ruined?!

The news of the management terminating its working partnership with the Global Corporation and holding a fair bid instead spread like wildfire. Everyone was in the know.

Compared to the ordinary citizens, who were feeling relaxed, most of the people from rich and prestigious families were gloating. After all, this was the first time Lu Zhanbei had met a mishap.

For the past few years, Lu Zhanbei had had too many glorious moments.

He had scored brilliant achievements under the age of 30. At the same time that everyone looked up to him, they were deeply jealous as well.

The almighty and superior Lu Zhanbei had fallen to the clouds. Of course, those people who said that grapes are sour when they cant eat them would be laughing out loud.

The Global Corporations stocks kept falling. Once beyond reach, it had now become a laughingstock in everyones life.

At the same time

In one of the villas under Tang Chens name, Qi Junze wasnt in his perennial gloomy mood. He took out a bottle of fine red wine from the wine cabinet and filled two glasses fully. He pushed one of the glasses toward Tang Chen.

"Tangtang, its such a great day today. Want to have a drink together?"

Tang Chen couldnt even be bothered to look him in the eye. He sent a message to Lin Wanwan.

Tang Chen: "If Lu Zhanbeis bankrupt, come and find me. Ill provide for you."

Lin Wanwan: "Even if he really went bankrupt, I can provide for him. I dont need you."

Tang Chen: "Why dont you provide for me as well?"

Lin Wanwan: "I cant afford to."

Tang Chen: "I just need three meals a day. If you really decided to provide for me, I can even eat less."