Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 678

Chapter 678 Its Not Too Late To Take Care Of That Woman After Playing Lu Zhanbei To His Death

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Qi Junze walked over and saw such a conversation. His originally smiling eyes immediately turned cold.

In front of everyone, Tang Chen was like a casual person who was not serious at all. Once he met Lin Wanwan, he was like a young boy who had just fallen in love.

He smiled at her and said sweet nothings to her. Even though he knew she was treating him with disdain, he was still willing to fork out all his enthusiasm and passion.

What was so good about Lin Wanwan that Tang Chen was so committed to her?

Qi Junze was absorbed in his thoughts and his eyes unknowingly bore malicious intent. Tang Chens cold voice pulled back his thoughts.

"Surnamed Qi, you better drop your malicious intent toward Lin Wanwan. If not, dont blame me for digging your eyes out and feeding them to the dogs!"

Qi Junze recovered himself. There was a moment of ferociousness in his eyes. On the surface, he flashed a spring-breeze-like smile.

"Im just happy for you. The Global Corporation is about to be doomed. As long as you make another move, itll be easy to acquire it."

Tang Chen snorted. "If Lu Zhanbei was so easy to deal with, you wouldnt have become his defeated opponent then."

Qi Junzes face was as black as ink.

If the person saying these words wasnt Tang Chen, he or she would have long been dead.

Due to forbearance, Qi Junzes eyes were slightly red. "Tangtang, getting down to business, I must win this bid. However, most of my funds are overseas and they cant be moved in a short period of time. Can you temporarily transfer those funds under your name to my account?"


Tang Chen replied so quickly that even Qi Junze found it strange.

Tang Chen held his chin lazily and didnt say much.

To him, wealth, fame, status

He had never been concerned about these things that countless people went after.

It was worth using these in exchange for being together with the woman he loved.

Qi Junze pinched his eyebrows in frustration. Its not too late to take care of that woman after playing Lu Zhanbei to his death.

Lin Wanwan didnt know that danger was approaching quietly. She had just received Shen Zhiyi when Ruan Baoer came.

Shen Zhiyi was happy. She stretched out her hand and pinched her face that was full of baby fats.

"Isnt this my big treasure, Baoer? I havent seen you for a few years. You have actually grown from a small bean sprout to a big beauty."

Ruan Baoer slapped away her hand. "Irritating. Dont use your hands and legs on me. I still want to get married in the future."

Recently, the rumor of Shen Zhiyi being a lesbian had spread throughout the upper circles in the entire Imperial Capital. She didnt want to be the female lead of a rumor.

Shen Zhiyi raised her eyebrow. "Whats there to be afraid of? Worse comes to worst, Ill marry you."

Ruan Baoer looked at her. "And then at night, well grumble together?"

"" Lin Wanwan was speechless in despair. Ever since Baoer got involved with Si Han, shed become more and more vulgar.

Shen Zhiyi said in disdain, "Youre no longer cute."

She still preferred those softer girls who were easy pushovers.

Lin Wanwan coughed a few times. "Why are you both here for today?"

Shen Zhiyi said, "I heard Lu Zhanbeis about to become bankrupt. Im here to seize the opportunity."

Ruan Baoer said, "Sister Ball, dont be worried. You used to provide for me in the past. Now, its my turn to repay you."

Lin Wanwan was embarrassed.

Recently, it indeed wasnt looking optimistic for Lu Zhanbei. Although he was not on the verge of bankruptcy, his profits were dropping day by day. They even reached the point where ends couldnt meet.

Lin Wanwan was not worried that Lu Zhanbei would become bankrupt. She was just afraid that the gossips would affect his mood.

"Thanks for your kind intentions. However, I fancy him not for his money."