Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 679

Chapter 679 You Will Never Be Able To stand Up

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Shen Zhiyi said, "So youre in it for his looks."

"Congratulations. You know how to snatch answers now."

Shen Zhiyi patted Lin Wanwans shoulder. "Looks are only temporary. Lu Zhanbei would be old one day. However, if you have money, even if youre at the age of eighty, you could still provide for Little Fresh Meats."

Ruan Baoer nodded in agreement.

Once Lu Zhanbei entered, he saw the two of them trying their best to seize the opportunity. He laughed out of anger.

"Tianba." He shook the leash in his hands and ordered, "Go!"

Tianba shook the fur on its body in a glib manner and was about to rush over.

Shen Zhiyi said in disdain, "You want to act cool with a husky?"


It was as if it knew it was being belittled. Tianba immediately barked loudly.

Lu Zhanbei patted its head. "If you can successfully bite them once, Ill add chicken drumsticks to your meals for three days. You have conquered the Antarctic continent before. Dont be a loser."


Tianba let out a wolf cry and dashed over.

It was as if it could tell Shen Zhiyi was not easy to deal with. It chose to lay a hand on Ruan Baoer first.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

At the sight of the rows of white teeth, Ruan Baoer immediately turned pale from fear. She screamed and fled.

Shen Zhiyi avoided Tianbas attack easily. She even had the leisure to tease Tianba that it was too fat and was running slower than a tortoise.

Lu Zhanbei, who was standing by the side, came up with a rotten idea. "Pull her skirt."

Tianba seemed to have understood him. It pounced agilely and nearly bit the corner of Ruan Baoers Lolita dress.

"Sister Ball, Ill get going first. Ill come see you again next time!"

Ruan Baoer couldnt handle this battle and ran away.

Tianba barked smugly and waved its tail. It continued to attack Shen Zhiyi. However, it was a pity it didnt even manage to touch a strand of her hair after running a few rounds. Instead, it was so tired that it started to pant heavily.

Lin Wanwan simply couldnt bear to look at this anymore. She grabbed Tianbas leash.

"Stop it."

She threw a look at Shen Zhiyi as well.

Shen Zhiyi shrugged her shoulders and showed her an "Ok" sign.

When she was about to brush past Lu Zhanbei, Shen Zhiyi said, "Zhanbei, I dont know how many people outside are waiting for you to become a laughingstock. You can disappoint me, but dont disappoint Wanwan. As real men, we must be powerful and strong and be able to stand up.’"

When Lin Wanwan heard the first half of her words, she was initially touched. However, after Shen Zhiyi finished saying her words, she felt embarrassed.

Lu Zhanbei patted her shoulder. "You will never be able to stand up.’"

Shen Zhiyi followed his gaze and glanced at her flat chest. She pouted disapprovingly.

Hey, she tied her chest with a strap, alright?

"Ill go back to sleep first. I wish you an early bankruptcy."

Lu Zhanbei gave a cold snort.

Lin Wanwan handed him a cup of tea to soothe his throat. "Its the bid two days later, right?"


Lu Zhanbei noticed that she was holding back her words. His eyes shone slightly, and he pulled off his tie, as if very troubled.

"For this project, I have been busy the entire month and invested at least 500 million yuan. In the end, not only could I not recover my costs, I even suffered a double loss."

Lin Wanwan could understand his feelings. If it were her, she would have long vomited to death.

That damned Lu Zhengyu!

As she pondered how to make a fool out of Lu Zhengyu again, she leaned against Lu Zhanbeis shoulder and comforted in a gentle voice, "Pretend that you have used this amount of money to ward off a disaster."

Lu Zhanbei lowered his eyes. He suddenly called her. "Lin Wanwan."