Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 680

Chapter 680 A Dancing Vixen

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"Im here."

"If I really go bankrupt, would you despise me?"

Gu Mos legs nearly gave way, and he almost knelt down when he walked in and heard these words.

What kind of international joke was this? Anyone could go bankrupt. However, Sir was the last person who could go bankrupt, alright?

Lin Wanwan saw that trace of perturbation in Lu Zhanbeis eyes. She blurted out without thinking too much, "Even if you become a beggar under the bridge, I would also bring you a bowl."

Lu Zhanbeis lips twitched. "Talk is cheap. Prove it to me."

"How should I prove it?"

"Lets get the marriage certificate now."

Lin Wanwan was speechless for a long time. "I havent reached the legal age for marriage. Furthermore, marriage is just a piece of paper. If I really wanted to leave you, that piece of paper cant restrain me."

Lu Zhanbei was in deep thoughts. He hugged her waist fiercely and tugged her into his arms. His eyes were strangely passionate.

"Then give yourself to me."

Lin Wanwan understood quickly what he meant. A layer of seductive red covered her cheeks.

Gu Mo, who was eavesdropping, nearly knelt down again.

Sir had really gone all out just to get her

Gu Mo felt goosebumps and quickly walked away.

Lin Wanwan thought that this was nothing if it could make Lu Zhanbei feel a sense of security. Anyway, they were destined to be together for a lifetime.

It was just that, when did Lu Zhanbei become so lacking in confidence?

"Tell me the truth. Are you just pretending right now?"!

Lu Zhanbei looked at her plainly and quickly looked away. He rubbed his sexy thin lips lightly, revealing a trace of weakness. This made Lin Wanwan immediately regret that she actually asked such a heartless question.

"Im sorry. The door squeezed my brains just now."

Lin Wanwan smiled at him, trying to get into his good books. Seeing that he didnt buy it, she leaned over and exhaled in his ear.

"Didnt you say that you would like to watch me dance back then? Ill dance for you tonight."

"What kind of dance?"

"The kind of dance where my clothes will start to disappear as I dance."

A fox-like glimmer of light flashed past Lu Zhanbeis eyes. On the surface, he looked as if he was forced into this.

"Then, dance well. Dont pollute my eyes."

If it were the past, Lin Wanwan would have long given him a punch. However, the situation was exceptional now. She would tolerate it!

"Haha. Please wait for a moment, Sir. Ill head upstairs to prepare."

At an angle where Lin Wanwan couldnt see, Lu Zhanbei curved his lips into a smile. His deep black pupils reflected a hungry wolf-like glow.

At night, as scheduled

As a professional in the entertainment circle, Lin Wanwan had been a model and a singer before. She had also learned a bit of dance to increase her bodys flexibility.

In order to make Lu Zhanbei happier, it could be said that she had gone all out. She changed into a sexy wine-red tulle skirt and propped up a retractable steel pole.

Lu Zhanbei sat on the sofa with one hand supporting his head. He started to appreciate her.

Her makeup was glamorous. The young girl bit on a red rose and danced around the steel pole. Her snow-white skin was intertwined with the red fabric, like a red plum on the snow.

With a sound, she lifted her hand and ripped off the skirt from her body. Nobody could resist her enchanting figure matched with the charms of her gestures.

Gradually, Lu Zhanbeis breathing became slightly rapid.

Lin Wanwan threw him a wink and jumped off the steel pole. She held a sip of wine in her mouth and walked to Lu Zhanbei. She lifted up his chin and leaned down to give him a kiss.

The mellow liquid carried with it the sweetness from between her lips and awakened Lu Zhanbeis suppressed desire.