Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 681

Chapter 681 A Group Of Clowns

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"Are you satisfied now?"

Lu Zhanbei said in a hoarse voice, "Not enough."

He reversed their roles and restrained this little vixen under his body.

Lin Wanwan insisted on defending her last line of defense. "I have already danced. Dont take things for granted."

Lu Zhanbei lifted his head and felt helpless. "Under circumstances like this, can you not speak?"


"Once you speak, the atmosphere is ruined. I cant go down on you anymore."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Tonight was meant for him to be happy. So, she had to tolerate this!

The consequences for exercising tolerance was that Lin Wanwan suffered an inhumane "attack" the entire night. Although Lu Zhanbei indeed didnt go all the way, he was exhausted.

The next day, Lu Zhanbei left the house feeling refreshed.

Lin Wanwan was left limp on the bed. She was so tired she couldnt move.

She knew that Lu Zhanbei must be pretending about being worried about his personal gains and losses. Such a man was so strong on the inside. How could he feel insecure just because of a failure?

However, she truly felt heartache over how Lu Zhanbeis hard work had been exchanged for such an ending.

Thus, she didnt lose out. She was a willing party.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day of the bid.

Enterprises in the country that had satisfied all the criteria could participate in it. Even foreign corporations could place a bid.

The major corporations that had been eying this project for so long swarmed up like bees and submitted their bid applications.

After a round of filtering, there were only less than twenty applicants left out of a thousand.

As night fell, luxurious cars arrived outside the municipal building, one after another.

The well-dressed entrepreneurs, who carried with them awe-inspiring arrogance, got off the cars one after another. Tang Chen and Qi Junze were also looking impressive.

Most of them entered Conference Hall 1. A man from a neighboring province who relied on the business of distributing seafood smiled and said, "Its all thanks to Mr. Lu that we are all sitting here today. We thank him for being so kind-hearted as to give up this project. We are thankful that even if a pie fell from the sky, he wouldnt have the ability to eat it!"

Upon hearing this, everyone burst out in laughter.

Qi Junze pushed up the gold-rimmed spectacles on his nose bridge. He hid the cold laughter in his eyes and pretended to sigh.

"I heard that the Global Corporation is in bad shape recently. Hes to blame for being so inhumane in the past. If not, there would be at least someone who would offer timely help and support to him now."

These words caused a lot of people to be dissatisfied with Lu Zhanbei.

Before the Global Corporation got into trouble, they were like toadies who chased after Lu Zhanbei all day long, begging for a chance of cooperation.

Now that he was in a sorry state, even the toadies started to become arrogant.


Someone snorted coldly. Then, the Mediterranean man who was sitting next to him said with interest, "Old Peng, do you remember how Lu Zhanbei refused to cooperate with you back then? Its never too late to take revenge. Why dont we join hands? Im very interested in this Global Corporation."

Ruthless murderous intent was hidden under Qi Junzes warm smile.

His victory today would be the beginning of bringing Lu Zhanbei down completely!

Tang Chen glanced at his fingers, which were hitting the armrest due to agitation. He then swept his eyes across the entrepreneurs who were full of disdain toward Lu Zhanbei. He laughed sarcastically and continued to close his eyes to rest.

A group of clowns.

The middle-aged man who was called Old Peng clenched his fists. "Ok! I have long felt that Lu Zhanbei was not pleasing to the eye. Lets join hands and acquire his Global Corporation. Its funny if you think about it. A descendant of the Lu family would actually self-degrade into falling in love with a low-class actress"

Tang Chen suddenly opened his eyes, and his gaze was chilling to the bones.