Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 682

Chapter 682 Lu Zhanbeis New Identity

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At the same time, a nice male voice traveled over from afar. It was calm and charismatic.

"Acquire the Global Corporation? Based on your capabilities?"

There was a moment of silence in the hall.

During the previous second, Old Peng and the man next to him were still ambitious and planning to acquire Lu Zhanbeis corporation. When they saw that slender figure at the door, their bodies could not help but tremble and they nearly fell off from their seats.

Lu Zhanbei!

The Global Corporation was clearly unqualified to bid. Why was he here?

Not only was he here, but there was also a beautiful young girl standing next to him. Behind the two, there was a row of bodyguards carrying weapons.

This was the municipal building. Wasnt Lu Zhanbei too daring? Also, why did the guards allow these bodyguards in?

Lu Zhanbei sensed everyones puzzlement, and his lips curved into a good-looking smile.

"Im participating in the bid as the CEO of Dongchen Investment Group tonight. As a foreign businessman, I dont find it strange how these bodyguards are here since they ensure my life is safe."

When they heard this, stormy waves formed in everyones hearts.

Dongchen Investment

The hegemonic group that occupied 70 percent of the commercial market in North America?

How many powerful secrets did this young man hide from the public?!

Everyone looked at one another. They seemed to finally understand why Lu Zhanbei was qualified to make everyone look up to him.

A thick layer of gloominess flashed past Qi Junzes eyes. On the surface, he smiled and scanned the row of bodyguards standing behind Lu Zhanbei.

"Mr. Lu, I can understand your considerations. However, what youre doing is a bit unruly. Those who are not in the know would think that you are trying to use violence to threaten us."

A few people subconsciously nodded.

The curvature of Lu Zhanbeis lips was still elegant. However, his smile was like a sharp sword that carried with it a sense of coldness that was chilling to the bones.

"Ive already obtained permission. If any of you have any opinions on this, hold it."

How arrogant.

How extremely arrogant.

Most of the entrepreneurs present showed their indignation. However, they didnt even dare to let out a fart.

Ever since Lin Wanwan appeared, Tang Chens gaze was constantly on her. "Lu Zhanbei, since when did you learn to use power to suppress others?"

Lu Zhanbeis swept his cold eyes over the middle-aged man named Old Peng. Seeing how the other man shrank his neck in fear, he could not help but smile coldly.

"Because I realized that in order to deal with those people with a cheap mouth, you have to use some sort of force. If not, they would never learn how to respect women."

Tang Chen glanced at Old Peng too. "Whoever dares to shoot his or her mouth off again, I dont mind doing the honors."

Although Old Peng looked calm, his legs were shaking violently.

Lu Zhanbei pulled Lin Wanwan along and sat at the corner on the first row.

At this time, Qi Junze smiled and hid his murderous intent under his harmless appearance. "Is Mr. Lu still interested in this project?"

Lu Zhanbei didnt even look him in the eye. "Its a coincidence now that youre saying this. The words you said at the banquet previously are actually a slogan now."

Qi Junze frowned slightly. Was Lu Zhanbei slightly suspicious of him?

However, Lu Zhengyu was the one who substituted the proposal stealthily. He didnt interfere in the explosion incident as well.

"I didnt expect that I would still have a chance to compete with Mr. Lu after so many years. However, this project had once landed in your hands but you didnt have the ability to keep it. I dont think the management of Xia country is willing to go back to you. No one can guarantee that you will not fail a second time."

Although he sounded regretful, even a fool could clearly tell the sarcasm beneath those words.

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrows plainly and wasnt bothered at all. "It looks like its imperative for you to win this project."