Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 683

Chapter 683 Who Asked Me To Like You

Chapter 683: Who Asked Me to Like You
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Of course.

Qi Junze felt confident in his heart. "I cant talk about imperativeness. I just want to try my best. As for my success rate, I should stand a slightly higher chance than Mr. Lu, at the very least."

This pervert really had a foul mouth!

Lin Wanwan was extremely furious.

Although she also knew that Lu Zhanbeis chances of success werent high, the outcome was still undecided. Qi Junze looking as if hed already won made her feel disgusted.

Qi Junze looked toward Tang Chen. "Does young Tang think Im right?"

Tang Chen shrugged his shoulders. "Actually, I really hope Lu Zhanbei wins."


Tang Chen looked at the back of Lin Wanwans head. "Isnt it good if Mr. Lu obtained this project and then experienced failure again? Then, Dongchen will naturally take on the path of the Global Corporations old route. I really want to know how many cards Mr. Lu has on his hands."


It was not known who couldnt help but laugh. Although the person immediately shut up, everyone understood the ridicule in those words.

Qi Junze smiled as well and lost his usual pretense. "Im looking forward to it as well. However, the possibility isnt high. After all, everyone present here is a big shot in the commercial world of Xia country. They wouldnt give Mr. Lu a second chance to fail."

He repeatedly mentioned failure. It was obvious he was trying to dig up Lu Zhanbeis inner scars!

Lin Wanwan clenched her fist in anger.

Tang Chen laughed lowly. He knew that Qi Junze had been suppressed by Lu Zhanbei for too long, and it was not easy for him to score one back for himself. Of course, he was very willing to kick a man when he was down.

"Tang Chen!"

At this moment, Lin Wanwan turned her head. Her cold gaze and smiling face formed a stark contrast.

She hooked her finger at Tang Chen. "Arent you afraid of being polluted by sitting next to a man with a foul mouth like him? I have plenty of space here. Do you want to sit here?"

Qi Junzes face turned cold. Before he could say anything, Tang Chen had already stood up without any hesitation and strode over.

"Lin Wanwan, I have been waiting for you to say this for a long time."

Qi Junzes eyes behind his spectacles were as black as ink.

Sensing his coldness, not only was Lin Wanwan not fearful, she even raised her eyebrow in challenge.

Not willing to take this lying down? Come and bite her!

This move drew inspiration from Lu Zhengyu.

The deepest kind of pain wasnt physical. Instead, it was when the person you love treated you with disdain.

Just when Tang Chen was about to sit next to Lin Wanwan, Lu Zhanbei stepped in and squeezed her to the corner of the wall. He overbearingly occupied the seat next to her and smiled plainly at young Tang, whose face had darkened.

"Its the same if you sit next to me."

Same, my a*s!

Since they were still in public, Tang Chen didnt lay a hand on Lu Zhanbei. He only cast a half-smile at Lin Wanwan.

"Woman, even if you were using me, youre far too quick to kick me to the curb when Ive outlived my usefulness."

Lin Wanwan coughed in embarrassment. "Im really thinking for your sake."

"Fine, I believe it." Tang Chen didnt argue this point to death and sat back down. "Who asked me to like you?"

"" Lin Wanwan couldnt continue the conversation after that.

Lu Zhanbei gave a side glance to Tang Chen. "There are so many people who like her. You dont even have a queue number."

"When Ive advanced successfully, the one without a queue number would be you."

"Lets wait and see."

In the quiet space, the conversation between the two, which looked calm but in reality was flowing like invisible waves, traveled to everyones ears.

This complicated love triangle had stopped being a secret within the upper circles for a very long time.

However, to be honest, this Lin Wanwans ability to seduce men was extraordinarily strong.

There were both Lu Zhanbei and Tang Chen. Both men were at the top of the pyramid. However, they were willing to engage in a tit-for-tat struggle for a small celebrity who seemed useless, in their opinion.