Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 684

Chapter 684 Inviting Humiliation?

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Qi Junze tightened his fists in forbearance and looked at Tang Chen. He hid all his wild ambition and desire into the bottom of his heart.

Minister Ruan arrived late.

He subconsciously looked at Lu Zhanbei, who was sitting in the corner. Even though he had already known an hour ago that Lu Zhanbei would appear here as the CEO of Dongchen Investment Group, he still found it incredible.

Minister Ruan got up the stage and started to talk about the rules for this bidding.

Lu Zhanbei listened casually. Occasionally, he would look up at the device at the corner, his gaze cold.

He knew that the old man was currently watching this scene using this device.

The old man would not rest until hed suppressed him to the state of nothingness.

If thats the case, lets wait and see.

Minister Ruan said a lot of nonsense. Then, he stood to the side and invited the first bidder up on the stage.

The bidding process was very simple.

Each bidder needed to come up with an investment amount that they were willing to invest in the project. Then, they would talk about how to kick-start and operate the project and estimate the future value it would bring.

In short, it was testing the financial resources of the corporations and whether they were skillful in the project process.

Bidders got on and off the stage one after another. Minister Ruans eyebrows became tighter and tighter.

Obviously, he was dissatisfied.

Finally, only Qi Junze and Lu Zhanbei were left.

As Minister Ruan signaled him with his eye, Qi Junze got up the stage.

Compared to the rest of the people, who revealed a trace of nervousness, he was like a tourist who was here for a casual visit. That natural confidence made the entrepreneurs who dominated the malls look laughable in comparison.

Qi Junze came prepared.

"Firstly, my bid amount is 10 billion US dollars."

The audience below the stage sucked in a cold breath of air.

What was the background of Mr. Qi, who was a citizen of Xia country but had been operating abroad for many years?

Ten billion US dollars was not a small sum.

Minister Ruan was also shocked.

Qi Junze swept his eyes across Lu Zhanbei, who had a look of indifference below the stage. A trace of cold laughter flashed past his eyes, and he began to describe the plan for the project in an orderly manner. He was gentle and polite, but that couldnt hide his awe-inspiring arrogance.

"Im done."

Clap clap clap!

Minister Ruan was the first to applaud. He said appreciatively, "Mr. Qi has considered all the details. Its perfect."

Qi Junze performed the courtesy of a Western gentleman. "I dont deserve this."

Lin Wanwan frowned. Even though she didnt understand the twists and turns in the commercial world, she could tell that Qi Junzes plan was excellent.

"You really cant judge a book by its cover. This Mr. Qi is not only willing to fork out a huge investment amount but has also arranged for the operations to be flawless. Minister Ruan seems to be satisfied. He should be the one."

"Although Im a bit unwilling to take this lying down, Im convinced I will lose."

"Whats there to be unwilling over? Lu Zhanbei was so formidable in the past. Didnt he lose so badly now?"

"I dont know why Lu Zhanbei is here. Even if Dongchen was not lacking for money and could fork out a higher investment amount than Qi Junze, the management wouldnt trust him anymore."

"A fellow inviting humiliation."


Even though they were discussing softly, Lin Wanwan could still faintly hear them.

She looked at Lu Zhanbei worriedly and held his hand tight.

Lu Zhanbeis slender finger scratched her palm, signaling her to hold her horses.

Tang Chen swept his eyes over him and gradually squinted.

On the surface, it looked as if Lu Zhanbei was unable to salvage the situation. However, would he admit defeat so easily?

Qi Junze and Minister Ruan were chatting happily on the stage.

Minister Ruan played with the Bluetooth headset on his ear. Lu Zhengyus low voice traveled over.

"Give him the project."