Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 685

Chapter 685 A Slap To The Face 1

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Minister Ruan held Qi Junzes hand and said warmly, "Mr. Qi, Im very satisfied with your project proposal."

He had just started an opening sentence when Qi Junzes smile got deeper.

He knew that he had finally won. He had won against the Lu Zhanbei who was always suppressing him.

He saw from the corner of his eye that Lu Zhanbei wasnt moving, as if he had already accepted the reality of his failure. Qi Junze became happier.

However, when Minister Ruan was about to announce that the winner of the bid was Qi Junze, Lu Zhanbei, who had been remaining silent, suddenly laughed coldly.

"Minister Ruan, youre doing this without my permission. Do you take me for dead?"

"" Minister Ruan choked.

He thought Lu Zhanbei knew his place well. He was the one who had let the management down. Was there any meaning to him stepping in again now?!

Qi Junze took a step back and said gentlemanly, "Minister Ruan, we should indeed give Mr. Lu a chance to speak."

It was just a formality.


Lu Zhanbei got up on the stage leisurely, as if he was taking a casual stroll. Although he didnt reveal any aura, he took over everyone with imposing force.

Qi Junze gave an impeccable smile. "Mr. Lu, I look forward to your performance."

Lu Zhanbei could tell from Qi Junzes eyes his confidence over his victory and his pride for finally defeating him.

He sneered lightly and walked to the front of the stage. Such a disregarding attitude made Qi Junze feel more embarrassed than any sarcastic words. His murderous intent grew stronger.

There was a laptop on the center of the podium that could control the big screen behind it.

"Everyone, please wait for a while."

Lu Zhanbei started to operate it.

In the meantime, the whisperings below the stage continued.

Minister Ruan walked over. On account that he was not on bad terms with the Lu family, he reminded him, "Theres really no need for you to continue. The management has stated very clearly for me to deprive you of the ability to bid. Even if your new proposal is any better, we wouldnt choose you."

The faint sneers below the stage, coupled with the insulting words, filled Lin Wanwan with anger.

Qi Junze also walked over slowly and said sarcastic words in "pity."

"Mr. Lu, be more open-minded. Its not too difficult to admit youve failed. If I were you, I would definitely face reality"

In other words, he wanted Lu Zhanbei to admit he was his defeated opponent.

"Its settled."

The moment the always-calm Lu Zhanbei swiped his finger on the screen, Qi Junze was interrupted.

He turned and looked toward the big screen. "I wont waste my breath. Take a look for yourself."

Everyone subconsciously looked over.

The images on the screen showed the content of the proposal. The content was detailed and the planning was clear. Every small detail was taken care of.

Minister Ruan used his sinister eyes to compare the two. This proposal was much more outstanding than Qi Junzes!

Qi Junze felt the same too in his heart, and his expression turned ugly.

It didnt matter. Even if Lu Zhanbei did a proposal that was much better than his, he couldnt win!


Suddenly, Lin Wanwan let out a puzzled sound.

"Why was the date of completion for this proposal half a month ago?"

Tang Chen curved his lips. "Its the day before Lu Zhanbei and Minister Ruan met."

This meant that Lu Zhanbei didnt redo the proposal. Instead, this was the original proposal that had been substituted stealthily!

Everyone present was clever. They immediately thought of this point.

"This is impossible!" Lu Zhengyus exasperated roar could be heard from the headset. It pulled back Minister Ruans thoughts, and it was hard to hide the shock on his face.

Qi Junzes face changed drastically!