Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 686

Chapter 686 A Slap To The Face 2

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Under everyones gaze, Lu Zhanbei swiped the screen again.

Over ten photos appeared on the screen. The photos clearly showed a factory that was about to be completed.

The floor area was huge. The large characters carved on marble glistened in the sunlight.

Global Special Products Processing Factory.

Minister Ruans eyes widened. "What is going on?"

Lu Zhanbei swept his eyes across the crowd who were looking at one another plainly. Finally, he fixed his gaze on Qi Junzes stiffened face.

"The factory that was ruined previously was just a real estate base that Global decided to rebuild. I dont know which kind-hearted person helped me to blow it up. It really saved me a lot of labor costs."

When he heard this, Qi Junzes face became distorted!

He wasnt the one who physically destroyed the factory, but it was through Tang Chen and this was his idea!

He thought that he could use this trick to make Lu Zhanbei fall into a worse situation. He didnt expect Lu Zhanbei to have been long prepared and to have turned his trick to his own use.

He looked more like a clown now. He thought victory was his, but he didnt even know when he had fallen into a trap.

"As for that proposal"

Lu Zhanbei looked up at the camera that was at the corner of the wall. The sarcastic look on his face could anger someone to his death.

"I can only say that the person who arranged for this substitution was too stupid and forgetful. I remembered telling him before to never overestimate himself and never underestimate his enemy."


The sound of a clash was mixed with curses and swear words. It traveled to Minister Ruans ears. Even his eardrums hurt.

Lin Wanwan was long stunned.

What the. What situation was this?

Not only was Lin Wanwan in a blurred state of mind, but the rest were also confused. However, there was a point they were certain about.

Lu Zhanbei was going to clear his name!

Lu Zhanbei ignored the whisperings below the stage. He reached out and knocked on the table.

When the surroundings quietened down, his cold voice rang again. "For anything I dont want to give up, nobody can snatch it away. Minister Ruan, as a public official, I hope you remember the principles of the bid."

Fair, just, open.

Minister Ruans face changed slightly.

Indeed, he and Lu Zhengyu had some friendship. However, he wouldnt betray his own principles for this.

The reason Lu Zhanbei had been disqualified to bid previously was that he didnt have the ability to hold on to this project.

However, the truth was that Lu Zhanbeis means were stronger!

Under such a dire situation, he could actually make a beautiful turnaround!

"I hereby announce that the successful bidder is Mr. Lu Zhanbeis Dongchen Investment Group!"

Upon hearing this, the crowd cheered.

Tang Chens eyes shone slightly. He was the first to applaud.

Soon after, the rest started to applaud as well.

Amidst the thunderous applause, Qi Junze, who was standing on the stage, looked gloomy.

Lu Zhanbei walked over and used a voice that could be heard by everyone to repeat the exact words Qi Junze had said before.

"Mr. Qi, be more open-minded. Its not too difficult to admit youve failed. Face reality."

Qi Junze looked embarrassed. His face was hot to the touch. Anger was accompanied by shame and annoyance, and he very nearly lost all his rationale!

He had lost to Lu Zhanbei once again!

He was not willing to take this lying down!

He was only one step away from victory, but he was beaten back to hell so soon.

Such a difference was the most unbearable.

Qi Junze was not an ordinary person. Very quickly, he wore back his gentle mask.

"Mr. Lu, youre really a respectable and scary opponent."

In this situation, he could actually laugh.

Lu Zhanbei finally looked him in the eye. He curved his lips without any clear meaning and slowly got off the stage.