Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 687

Chapter 687 A Slap To The Face 3

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Qi Junzes look changed for a while. He tried his best to pretend nothing had happened and sat back at his seat again. He treated those pitiful or gloating gazes as non-existent.

Tang Chen laughed evilly. "Mr. Lu, thats another trick to survive again."

The situation today was similar to the last time he and Qi Junze had compared skills.

The man surnamed Qi looked carefree, but his heart must be feeling a lot of grievances.

Lu Zhanbei looked at him. "I wouldnt disappoint you. If not, I would be letting you down for all the labor costs youve helped me to save."

Tang Chen raised his eyebrow.

It looked like Lu Zhanbei had guessed he was behind the explosion incident.

Also, from his tone, it seemed that he wasnt planning to hold anyone accountable.

As he had helped him a few years ago, Lu Zhanbeis tolerance for him had been quite high, on the premise that Lin Wanwan must not be involved.

It was a pity they were destined to be irreconcilably hostile to each other.

The results were already out. The bidding had come to an end.

Qi Junze was the first to stand up. He threw Tang Chen a look. "Lets go."

Tang Chen ignored him. He started to throw Lin Wanwan looks with his seductive peach-shaped eyes.

"I thought that Lu Zhanbei would go home disappointed today and that I can make use of this chance to seize the opportunity. Didnt expect to miscalculate. Dont be anxious. You will be by my side very soon."

Lin Wanwan nodded uncharacteristically. "Ok. Ill wait for you."

Lu Zhanbei frowned and glanced at her with dissatisfaction.

Lin Wanwan returned a smile with murderous intent to him.

Lu Zhanbei suddenly remembered the times he had spoken about his "failed business," as well as the different ways he had "bullied" Lin Wanwan, and felt that something was amiss.

Tang Chen looked at Lin Wanwan deeply.

Actually, he was not so open-minded.

Indeed, he didnt care about the failure of the competition. However, he cared that the plan to snatch Lin Wanwan away had returned to its original state again, following Lu Zhanbeis success.

"Mr. Lu, Ms. Lin, if we get the chance, well meet again," Qi Junze said politely, not carrying with him the disappointment and frustration of failure.

Instead, some people had awkward expressions on their faces. Some of them were thick-skinned and wanted to get closer to him.

"Shut up!" Lu Zhanbei shot cold daggers at them and forced them away.

He was not in a good mood right now. Given Lin Wanwans penchant for seeking revenge even over the smallest grievances, it was likely that he was going to suffer when they returned home.

Lu Zhanbeis imperative tone made everyone feel indignant, but they dared not voice out complaints.

After this bidding incident, they had formed an initial understanding of this young man.

Mysterious, of a certain background, with many cards on his hand

It seemed that everything was within his control.

No one dared to belittle Lu Zhanbei again.

Minister Ruan walked over and looked a little embarrassed. "Mr. Lu, please come over to the municipal building tomorrow. Well talk about the details for executing this project."

"Ok," Lu Zhanbei responded. He swung his arm out fiercely and removed the Bluetooth headset from Minister Ruans ear.

"Old Man, I left a hidden poem on that fake proposal. Remember to have a look."

After saying this, he squeezed hard with his two fingers, and the little Bluetooth headset changed shape.

Minister Ruan was shocked and met Lu Zhanbeis deep gaze.

His heart trembled, and he felt a sense of danger, as if a beast was watching him.

"Minister Ruan, you should be thankful you arent a complete fool."

Minister Ruan curved his lips but couldnt laugh at all.

He promised Lu Zhengyu that he would help within his duties, such as deliberately neglecting Lu Zhanbei and trying to announce the results of the bid in advance.

However, who knew that Lu Zhanbei had such hidden skills? Not only did he give everyone a loud slap, Lu Zhengyu was also hit in the face.