Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 690

Chapter 690 The Happiness Within

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Lu Zhanbei was completely at his wits end. He could only return to the cold palace.

The next day, Lin Wanwan saw Lu Zhanbei sitting on the sofa in the living room reading the newspapers. He was still wearing a bathrobe.

"Youre up pretty early eh."

"Its not that I was up early. I didnt sleep at all."

Although his tone was calm, Lin Wanwan could hear a trace of grievance.

She pouted. "Im hungry. Go and"

Without waiting for her to finish her words, Lu Zhanbei had already taken her wrist and pulled her to the dining hall.

The dining table was full of a Western-style breakfast.

Lin Wanwan moved her eyes. She was about to say that she would only eat those he had prepared personally when Lu Zhanbei said heart-flutteringly, "I made all of these."

This man. It couldnt be that he could read her mind, right?

Lin Wanwan picked up a sandwich. After taking a bite, she immediately frowned in disdain.

"The cheese taste is too strong."

Lu Zhanbei displayed a look of humbleness. "Yes, leader. I"ll improve next time."

Lin Wanwan ate another piece of the golden toast. "Its a bit burnt."

"Ill take note of the fire next time."

"The donuts terrible too. Lu Zhanbei, whats wrong with you? Are you deliberately trying to worsen my mood early in the morning? Im not eating anymore!"

"Ok. Dont be angry. Ill redo them."

Lin Wanwan nitpicked at the dishes on the table and appeared arrogant and stubborn.

Lu Zhanbei did everything she said and accommodated her. There wasnt any bit of intolerance.

After having breakfast, Lin Wanwan had just reached into the fruit basket when Lu Zhanbei fed a grape into her mouth.

Lin Wanwan chewed on it. Seeing that Lu Zhanbei seemed to be enjoying this a lot, she frowned.

What the. If this continued, she wouldnt be able to create the effect of tormenting Lu Zhanbei, alright

A day passed by quickly just like that.

Lin Wanwan didnt do any filming today. Besides making a trip to the municipal building, Lu Zhanbei spent the rest of his time with her. He tolerated all her unreasonable requests in good temper and appeared to have found happiness within.

Not only did Lin Wanwan not enjoy the feeling of tit-for-tat, instead, she felt more pained.

In the evening, Shen Zhiyi asked her to Jin Tong Que for a gathering and said that Ruan Baoer would be going as well.

Lin Wanwan didnt forget to warn someone. "Lu Zhanbei, youre not to follow over."


Lu Zhanbei had answered her casually. Once Lin Wanwan was gone, he immediately called Si Han.

"Theres something I want to tell you. Ill wait for you at Jin Tong Que Ground Palace."

Upon reaching the reserved room, Lin Wanwan pushed open the door and saw Shen Zhiyi with her hand on Ruan Baoers shoulder. They were mumbling something. When they saw her come in, they immediately smiled.

"Wanwan, come here quickly and take a seat."

Lin Wanwan took a seat and saw that Ruan Baoer looked unhappy. "Baoer, what happened?"

"My father asked me to go for a blind date."

"Didnt you escape from marriage? Why do you have to go to a matchmaking session now?"

Ruan Baoer held her chin with both hands. "When I was still a baby, my family had already engaged me to someone and I was to marry him when I turned twenty years old. However, I really didnt like that good-for-nothing and escaped. My father was at his wits end and canceled the marriage."

"Isnt this great? Your father dotes on you so much. As long as you act like a spoiled child again, he would cancel the matchmaking session as well."


Ruan Baoer lowered her eyes. "I have to get married sooner or later. As the daughter of the Ruan family, since I have enjoyed prosperity from the family, I have to make some returns as well. Theres no free lunch in this world."

Lin Wanwan was stunned. "But you dont have to use your own marriage to return the kindness, right?"

Ruan Baoer bit her lip. "I didnt mind in the past. But now I think I really like Si Han."