Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 691

Chapter 691 Taking Revenge On Lu Zhanbei

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Lin Wanwan didnt look very surprised. Instead, she thought it was a matter of fact.

A man and a woman staying together under the same roof could develop feelings in minutes. Furthermore, Si Dada was so handsome.

"Then go and confess to him. Maybe he likes you as well."

Ruan Baoer shook her head and looked down.

She had seen the way Lu Zhanbei looked at Lin Wanwan before. Although it was restrained, that focused kind of gentleness was really intoxicating.

However, Si Han purely treated her as a very useful servant.

Furthermore, even if she tried and got together with Si Han, there would be huge pressure from her family as well.

She had to consider it carefully.

While Ruan Baoer and Lin Wanwan were talking about this topic, Shen Zhiyi felt bored and got the Ground Palace manager to bring over a dozen lush and tender girls.

"Do the two of you want to pick one?"

"NO!" Both of them shook their heads simultaneously.

Shen Zhiyi felt helpless and only got a sweet-looking girl to stay. She read her palms one moment and imparted all sorts of knowledge to her in the next.

Within half an hour, the girl had already become her fangirl. She looked at Shen Zhiyi with extreme shyness.

Lin Wanwan couldnt be bothered to look at them.

"Sister Zhiyi, Ill ask you a question."

"Ask ahead."

"Are there any more important things in Lu Zhanbeis life? Or perhaps something hes more afraid of?"

Shen Zhiyi understood it immediately. "Lu Zhanbei lied to you so you want to get back at him, right?"

Lin Wanwan nodded. "Youre smart!"

Shen Zhiyi didnt beat around the bush as well. "He treats a shirt as his precious."

Lin Wanwan was confused when Shen Zhiyi continued, "There was this one time when Mo Chen and I went to his bedroom to take something. Mo Chen was curious and wanted to see if he had any fun products in private since he was very much single for so many years. As such, he searched his closet and drawers.

"There was a box in the corner of that closet, and that shirt was inside. Mo Chen just touched it for a while. When Zhanbei found out, Mo Chen was beaten up into a pigs head."

Lin Wanwan was surprised. Could it be that that shirt was made of gold?

Even if it was invaluable, there wasnt a need for Lu Zhanbei to treasure it so much. There must be some special significance.

"Ok, Ill head back to try."

Shen Zhiyi placed a hand on her shoulder and laughed like a thief. "Wanwan, since youre here, why dont you find some fun? If you really dont like girls, theres plenty of Little Fresh Meats here too."


If Lu Zhanbei found out, she might not be able to see the sun the next day.

Shen Zhiyi continued to instigate, "Dont worry. Im not asking you to do anything. You can just take a photo and send it to Lu Zhanbeis mobile. Didnt you want to take revenge on him? This is the best method. I guarantee you he would be furious."

Lin Wanwan was a little tempted. She hesitated for a while but was still ready to reject her.

However, Shen Zhiyi didnt give her a chance to speak.

"Manager, bring over the most fun and good-looking men you have here."


Lin Wanwan was speechless. "Sister Zhiyi, when can you change this habit of wanting to stir up trouble?"

"Its fun~"

Very quickly, someone knocked on the reserved room door.

"Wanwan, your Little Fresh Meat is here." Shen Zhiyi laughed like a thief and raised her voice. "Come in!"

The door was pushed open. The man who strode in had a slender figure. He wore just a simple suit, but it brought out the feeling of an abstaining male god.

A handsome face with prominent and deep facial features and narrow eyes swept his gaze over. There was a trace of evil seductiveness within the solemness, which made people feel dazzled.


Ruan Baoer, who was drinking alone, lifted her head inadvertently and immediately spit out the alcohol in her mouth.