Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 692

Chapter 692 Murdering A Person With A Borrowed Knife

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Lin Wanwans body trembled. She was stunned.

Only Shen Zhiyi was interested in stepping forward and patting the mans chest. She was very satisfied with the sensation of the touch.

"Your figures not bad."

Shen Zhiyi wanted to pinch the mans cheek but he avoided her.

She didnt mind either. She turned her head and smiled at Lin Wanwan. "I didnt expect the Ground Palace to have men of such high caliber. Hes not worse than Lu Zhanbei, eh? Do you want to make a false thing become true and have a go with him?"

Lin Wanwan lowered her head deeply and pretended to feign ignorance.

Shen Zhiyi looked at her with exasperation. Then, she patted the mans arm.

"Go quickly. Take out your best skills and service her well."

"No problem."

The man walked over with his long legs and looked at Lin Wanwan, who was bent like an ostrich. His smile was evilly seductive.

"Miss, are you satisfied with me?"

" Satisfied. Absolutely satisfied."

"Then Im going to start."

As his words fell, he reached out fiercely and pulled Lin Wanwan up by the collar.

"Oh my. Si Dada, what are you doing? Put me down quickly!

Si Han held Lin Wanwan as if he was holding on to a brat and carried her out of the room.

Shen Zhiyi, who was prepared to take photos using her mobile, was stunned. She immediately wanted to rush out and save her when Ruan Baoer stopped her.

"Dont worry. Thats not any kidnapper. Its Sister Balls manager."

"Si Han?"

Shen Zhiyi heard of this name and had seen his photos before. It was just that her face blindness was acting up and she didnt recognize him.

She actually mistook the big-shot agent in the entertainment circle to be a young master who accompanied others to drink.

"Baoer, this is the man you like, right?"


Shen Zhiyi rubbed her chin. "Not bad, not bad. Go for it. I hope you get him one day."

A bitter smile appeared on Ruan Baoers face.

Outside Jin Tong Que, Si Han threw Lin Wanwan into the car with rough moves. He pulled out a few books and threw them at her.

"Lin Wanwan, Ill give you one night. Read these few books on morality and write a post-reflection piece for me. It cannot be less than three thousand words."

"" This man was still so irritating!

He obviously knew that she disliked reading such literature. Such a punishment was really vicious!

Lin Wanwan wept. "What exactly have I done wrong? Why are you doing this to me?"

"You still have the cheek to ask me what you did wrong? As a public figure, you actually came out to seek fun. If you were photographed by the media, what would the consequences be? Dont forget that you are still currently being given the cold shoulder. If you continue to appear in negative news, you dont even need to climb up again in this lifetime!"

Lin Wanwan wanted to rebut. However, when she saw Si Hans fake smile, she could only admit defeat.

"I know my mistake now. Can you find another way to punish me? Why dont you hit me?!"

"Heh." Si Han laughed coldly and locked the car door.

Lin Wanwan mourned for three seconds regarding her fate and started to read the books seriously.

Si Han walked to the side and dug out his mobile.

"Lu Zhanbei, your tactic of murdering a person with a borrowed knifes not bad. First, you lied to me. Then, you arranged two reporters to sneak into Ground Palace and deliberately wanted me to hear them say they would be filming Lin Wanwan finding men in secret. Arent you afraid she would find out about your schemes?"

"I was forced out of helplessness too." Lu Zhanbei was not surprised at all that he guessed these things.

Si Han was so angered that he wanted to hang up the call.

"Treat it that I owe you a favor."

After thinking for a while, Si Han felt that this was not a bad deal. "Ok, Ill forgive you."

That woman was indeed too careless at times. It wasnt bad to use this incident to serve a reminder to her.