Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 694

Chapter 694 Lu Zhanbei Stop Quickly. I Wont Look Anymore

Chapter 694: Lu Zhanbei! Stop Quickly. I Wont Look Anymore!
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There were all kinds of eyeliners in the box. Different colors and different brands. Each one was an expensive limited edition.

"What are you giving me this for?"

Lu Zhanbei shook the eyeliner she had used previously. "Isnt this empty now? If you think its not enough, Ill continue to buy more for you."

Lin Wanawn felt that after she was given the death sentence, she was acquitted the next second.

After a long while, she stuttered, "Did you go and buy me eyeliners just now? Arent you angry I dirtied your precious shirt?"

Lu Zhanbei smiled. "I will never be angry at you."

No words could be used to describe how touched she was feeling at this moment.

However, Lin Wanwan didnt forget to ask the most important question.

"Who gave you this shirt? Is it convenient to tell me? If not, I wont force you."

Lu Zhanbei didnt reject her. He turned over the shirt from which the black spots had been removed and placed it flat on the bed. "Find the answer yourself."

Lin Wanwan looked everywhere on the shirt and finally found an embroidered small signature on the shoulder.

Lin Xiao.

Her mouth widened in shock.

Lu Zhanbei patted the back of her head. "Five years ago, you endorsed a menswear brand. In order to give back to the fans, you personally embroidered a signature on this shirt and gave it as a lucky draw prize. I was decided internally as the winner through various means."

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan was at a loss.

She was both touched and annoyed for actually being jealous of herself again.


She pretended to cry and pounced onto his arms.

"Lu Zhanbei, you treat me so well. Ill write off the matter about you lying to me previously!"

Lu Zhanbei felt a little disappointed. "So quickly?"

Lin Wanwans lips twitched. "Could it be you havent had enough of my unreasonable self?"

"No. I find it cute."

Lin Wanwan felt like she was shot in the heart. She pretended that nothing happened and coughed. "Why dont I be stubborn again for the last time?"

"Im looking forward to it."

"Why dont you give me a striptease?" Lin Wanwan wrapped both hands around his neck and her tone was full of playfulness.

Lu Zhanbei frowned. "Are you sure?"

"Of course."


Lu Zhanbei started to strip.

From the suit jacket to the white shirt and then to the trousers. They were stripped off until the last layer.

His movements were elegant. He did extremely simple movements, but they were unspeakably pleasing to the eye.

However, Lin Wanwan was not in the mood to appreciate the beauty right now.

What kind of striptease was this? He was deliberately trying to tease her!

When he had stripped off his trousers, Lin Wanwan had already turned around.

"Lu Zhanbei! Stop quickly. I wont look anymore!"

The next second, she was enclosed within a generous hug. An extremely nice voice sounded in her ear.

"Didnt you want to look at a naked me very much in the past?"

" If you promise not to become a beast, Im very willing to look."

"I cant guarantee that."

Lu Zhanbei gently bit on her ear lobe. He was very satisfied with how she was sensitive to his touch and was trembling.

"Its fine if you dont look. Theres something else I would like to do with you now."


His passionate lips blocked all of Lin Wanwans protests.

Although Lu Zhanbei very much wanted to complete the entire process in one go, he still chose to respect her opinion at the last minute.

He knew that if he really wanted to, Lin Wanwan wouldnt have minded.

However, he was willing to wait for the day when she didnt have any considerations and gave herself wholeheartedly to him.