Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 695

Chapter 695 Lin Wanwan I Miss You

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When news of Dongchen Investment Group winning the special products export project was exposed, an uproar ensued immediately.

When everyone found out that the CEO of Dongchen and Global was the same person, they were even more shocked!

Minister Ruan even deliberately issued a statement to say that the explosion incident was actually an exercise conducted by a related department.

Whether it was Dongchen or Global, both were trustworthy enterprises.

Globals stocks were on the rise again. Those people who looked down on Global disappeared overnight.

Calmness was restored. Lin Wanwan could finally go to work without worrying.

As she filmed, she recalled that she hadnt been to school for a long time. As such, she decided to be a good student for a few days and drove to school.

Lin Wanwan was about to lock her car when she saw from the corner of her eye a female student in uniform chasing after a young man. She was shouting in panic.

"Return my bag!"

Daring to rob in broad daylight?

Lin Wanwans damned sense of justice acted up again. She put on her mask and sunglasses and ran over without saying anything.

However, as she left, a sneaky man with short hair walked over.

He got into the car and stayed there for a while. Then, he got to the cars underbody and did a quick job.

After he was done, he immediately left.

Within a minute after the man left, another man carrying a baseball bat walked over.

He looked at the back view of the man with short hair and gave an unfathomable smile. Similarly, he did a quick job on the car.

Lin Wanwan was ignorant of all of these events.

She caught that thief and made a police report. She left before that girl could recognize her and didnt forget to lock her car.

Ever since Gu Yien was arrested, the hostel was only used by Lin Wanwan alone.

After having a day full of lessons, she returned to the hostel to rest and cleaned it up.

It was already dark after she finished.

Lin Wanwan walked out of the campus and was about to pull open the car door when she heard a squeaky voice suddenly. She turned her head, guarded.

"Who is that?"

A long figure walked out slowly from beyond the wall.

The young adult had a handsome and cold face. However, his eyebrows revealed a type of weakness that wasnt compatible with his looks. When he looked over with his clear eyes, it inadvertently caused people to feel heartache.


Lin Wanwan saw that Fu Zhinians face had a careful look belonging to a cute little puppy and her eyes shone.

"Xiao Niannian?"

Fu Zhinian nodded again and again. He looked like he wanted to get closer but didnt dare to. "Do you still remember me?"

He was afraid that she would forget about him after not seeing each other for so long.

Lin Wanwan smiled and opened her arms toward him. "Come over."

The cute little puppy ran over agitatedly and hugged her. His voice carried with it a trace of whimper. "Wanwan, I missed you."

Lin Wanwan patted his back in comfort. "I missed you too. Its good youre back."

"Yes." The cute little puppy rubbed against her neck.

"Coincidentally, I was about to return to Yun Mansion. Lets go together. Your brother must be missing you too."


He obediently got into the car. When Lin Wanwan turned her waist to help him with his seatbelt, a hint of complicatedness flashed past his clear eyes instantly.

As the second personality, he was being suppressed by the main personality.

When he appeared in the past, it was because his main personality missed Lu Zhanbei but was not willing to pull down his face and take the initiative to look for him. As such, he voluntarily disappeared and let him do what the main personality wanted to do but couldnt.

However, this time was different.

The disappearance of the main personality was not because of Lu Zhanbei, but Lin Wanwan.