Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 697

Chapter 697 Save Him Quick

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Needless to say, the main personality had returned.

Fu Zhinian sat over directly. Lin Wanwans conditioned reflexes led her to move over to the passengers seat. Both of them exchanged positions in an instant.

Fu Zhinian slammed the steering wheel.

Lin Wanwan reminded him, "The steering wheels not working. We can still make it now if we jump. Its better to break our hands and legs than lose our lives."

Fu Zhinian ignored her and stepped on the gas pedal.

Damn! Was this man complaining that they werent dying fast enough?!

Seeing that the cliff ahead was well within reach, Lin Wanwan closed her eyes and gave up struggling.

Heaven will decide their fate.

They were hanging by a thread. With Fu Zhinian trying non-stop, the steering wheel, which had not been completely destroyed, finally showed some signs that it was controllable.

His tightened heart loosened. He swept his cold eyes across Lin Wanwans expression of accepting reality and a light smile curved up from the corners of his lips.

He must protect her well!

There was a voice shouting in his heart. It wasnt clear if it was his or "his."

Fu Zhinian aimed the head of the car toward a big and sturdy tree on the right. Without any hesitation, he slammed into it fiercely.

Lin Wanwan had just opened her eyes and her pupils shrank!

With a bang, the head of the car was instantly knocked apart. Thankfully, the car finally stopped.

Lin Wanwan slammed into the airbag that popped up. She felt a little dizzy due to a slight concussion, and her body felt like it was being crushed.

So painful

After a while, she opened her eyes with difficulty and looked at Fu Zhinian, who was beside her, immediately.

His head was similarly stuck in the middle of the airbag.

As that big tree was aimed at where he was, after the tree was knocked down, it crushed the glass and smashed the back of his head. There was a hole, and blood was rushing out.

"Fu Zhinian!"

As Lin Wanwan tried to struggle, she called him. However, she didnt get any response.

It couldnt be

Lin Wanwans heart was filled with immense fear. She was even more anxious, especially when she heard the leaking sound of the fuel tank.

This car could explode any time soon!

Her body was squeezed into a very small space. Even if she had the strength, it would be difficult for her to break free, let alone the fact that she was weak now.

Could it be that she and Fu Zhinian were destined to die here today?

Not too far away, a black car drove over. A few men alighted from the car. The leader was a strong man with short hair.

"Whats going on?"

The short-haired man looked at the tattered car that was blowing out smoke and hanging by the cliff. He was stunned.

He had followed the Old Masters orders and only did a quick job to the direction system of Lin Wanwans car. As long as she pulled the brakes, she would be fine.

Did she have to stop the car in such a destructive manner?

What should he do now? The Old Master had ordered him to capture Lin Wanwan back but not to hurt her.

However, if he didnt go over to help her now, Lin Wanwan would inevitably die!

The short-haired man waved his hand and ran over quickly, bringing along a few men.

Lin Wanwan, who was trying her best to dig out her mobile and call Lu Zhanbei for help, saw these men run over. She immediately became guarded. However, she was like a fish on a cutting board now at the mercy of others.

"Second Master!"

After seeing Fu Zhinian, who may or may not be alive, the short-haired man no longer hesitated.

"Save him, quick!"

The men dragged the car out of the danger zone and used tools to pry open the door to save the two of them.

Lin Wanwan didnt care about her injuries. She lifted Fu Zhinian up and used her finger to test his breathing.

Although his breathing was weak, he was still alive.

She heaved a long sigh of relief.