Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 698

Chapter 698 Never Seen Such A Scary Looking Lu Zhanbei

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"Quickly drive to the hospital!" She looked at the short-haired man and signaled him to carry Fu Zhinian up into the car.

The short-haired man was unhappy. He was supposed to capture her. In the end, he inexplicably saved her life, and she even dared to show such an attitude now.

He threw a look at the men beside him, signaling them to capture Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan avoided him. Without waiting for the short-haired man to recover himself, a sharp piece of metal was pressed against his neck.

"Care to bet if I will slice your throat or not if you continue to be naggy? Dont think that you can be arrogant just because youre Lu Zhengyus man. If Im anxious, I wont even recognize God!"

They had already exposed their identities by addressing Fu Zhinian as Second Master.

His life was in her hands. The short-haired man could only admit defeat.

"If you dont let go of me, how can I drive?"

The Old Masters orders were not to hurt Lin Wanwan. Now that this was an urgent situation, he could only abandon the plan temporarily.

Lin Wanwan knew that her body was not in an optimal state. She called Lu Zhanbei just in case.

"Lu Zhanbei, I got into a small car accident. Go to the city hospital now. I need you there."


"Dont worry. Im still alive. Its just that your brothers in danger. Stop asking for now. Ill wait for you at the hospital."

After hanging up the call, she heard the short-haired man reporting the current situation to Lu Zhengyu. She could not help but laugh coldly.

Within half an hour, they had reached the city hospital.

Fu Zhinian, who was severely injured, was pushed into the emergency room at once.

Lin Wanwan stood at the door. She was guarded and looked at the short-haired man and his men intensely.

"Lin Wanwan!"

Hearing that familiar voice, Lin Wanwan could finally relax.

She turned around and saw that man who was striding over from the corridor.

His black hair was messy, and there was a thin layer of sweat on his fair-skinned forehead. He lost his usual calmness and elegance, looking tense instead. That coldness that radiated from his bones made people feel fear in their hearts.

The short-haired man and his men stepped forward. "Young Master."

Lu Zhanbei ignored them. He stopped in front of Lin Wanwan and wanted to see her injuries.

The young girl, who was putting up a strong front, fell into his arms as her knees buckled. A comforting smile was revealed on her pale face.

"Lu Zhanbei, Im fine. Im just tired and need to sleep for a while"

Lin Wanwan finally felt reassured and fainted.

Lu Zhanbei felt his heart stop beating for a moment. He immediately lifted her up horizontally.

"Young Master, I"

The short-haired man tried to explain that they really didnt intend to kill Lin Wanwan.

However, he had just started speaking when Lu Zhanbei turned his head and looked at him.

That look displayed hurricane-like madness under the calmness.

The short-haired man felt chills all over. He actually forgot what he had wanted to say and just watched as he walked further and further away.

As someone who was raised by the Lu family from a young age, he had never seen such a scary-looking Lu Zhanbei before.

This time, even if the Old Master was there, it would be difficult to wind matters up.

Besides having a slight concussion and bruises all over, the most serious injury Lin Wanwan suffered was a fracture on her right leg. If she didnt treat it well, it might affect her normal walking.

She had been in a coma for two days and one night.

When she woke up, her throat was extremely dry.

"Open your mouth."

A gentle male voice sounded in her ears. She subconsciously opened her mouth in a daze and drank a sip of warm water.

Her eyes gradually focused. She saw Lu Zhanbeis slightly disheveled face. A thin layer of stubble had grown on his smooth chin. He had a sexy look of decadence.

Lin Wanwan reached out and touched the beard he had just grown. She teased, "I didnt expect you to be so good-looking even with a beard."