Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 699

Chapter 699 Dont Want To Let You Go

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Although she was a little weak, her agile eyes were still full of life.

The big stone in Lu Zhanbeis heart was put down quietly. He used a towel to wipe the cold sweat off her forehead. "If youd like to grow a beard as well, I can let the doctor inject some male hormones into you."

"" Was he really a man whod treat his injured girlfriend in such a manner?

Lin Wanwan pouted. When she remembered the scene previously, she grabbed his arm and asked, "Hows Fu Zhinian?"

"He has already passed the danger period. However, he wont be waking up for a while."

"Thats good."

If Fu Zhinian really died, she would be guilty her whole life.

"Its really all thanks to him this time."

She didnt expect that in order to protect her, Fu Zhinian would choose to let himself suffer more serious injuries.

Lu Zhanbei stroked her hair. "Dont think too much. Your bodys still weak. Dont worry too much. I will keep a lookout for him. You should rest."


Lin Wanwan was indeed very tired. She closed her eyes and didnt forget to touch his face.

"Sorry. Ive made you worried."

It was impossible for Lu Zhanbei to use words to describe his feelings at this moment.

Actually, Lin Wanwans current predicament and the pain she was suffering now were all due to him.

If he hadnt been so stubborn and used all means to be together with her, perhaps she would be leading a happier life.

Lu Zhanbei gently kissed her thin eyelids.

Sorry for implicating you. Even if thats the case, I still dont want to let you go.

Lin Wanwan started her recuperation journey.

She was bored of the days spent in the hospital. Thankfully, Lu Zhanbei felt that the medical facilities of the city hospital couldnt be compared to that from the military hospital and transferred both her and Fu Zhinian over. Shen Zhiyi became her doctor in charge.

With a Ms. Shen who liked to woo girls around, her life was enriched.

Shen Zhiyi threw the nurses a wink, and they screamed like fangirls. Lin Wanwan felt weak.

"Sister Zhiyi, where exactly did you learn these tricks to woo girls?"

"Its self-taught and a gift of mine."

"Heh heh."

Shen Zhiyi, who was wearing a white robe, wrapped her arms around her chest. She blinked at Lin Wanwan. "I just like very cute girls. For instance, every time I see you, I would really feel that today was such a lucky day."

Lin Wanwan complimented her and blushed. She let Shen Zhiyi hold her hand.

With a squeak, Lu Zhanbei pushed open the door and entered. He looked at the two people, who were looking at each other affectionately, with unkind eyes.

"What are the two of you doing?"

Lin Wanwan withdrew her hands and smiled brightly. "Sister Zhiyis palm-reading for me."

Lu Zhanbei swept his eyes across Shen Zhiyi. He had not yet opened his mouth when she raised her hands. "Ok. I dont need you to give me the order to leave. Ill walk away myself. Wanwan, Ill see you again later."


Lu Zhanbei placed the insulated container on the bedside table. "The minced meat and vegetable porridge that you like."

Lin Wanwan found it strange. "Arent you feeding me?"

"Im not free right now."

"What do you mean?" Lin Wanwan was unhappy.

"Someones trying to be unfaithful so Ive decided to teach her a lesson."

Lin Wanwan was at a loss as she saw Lu Zhanbei come and go in a hurry.

When he walked past Gu Mo, who was responsible for her safety here, he didnt forget to say, "Dont ever let Shen Zhiyi in again."

Lu Zhanbei first went to find the doctor in charge of treating Fu Zhinian. After he learned that his road to recovery was going well, his tense nerves loosened a little.

After leaving the hospital, he went straight to the main household of the Lu family.