Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 7

Chapter 7 A 'fool' Was Also Capable Of Counterattacks

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The name calling of ‘fool’ and ‘slut’ could be said to have reduced both Lin Wanwan and her birth mother to ruin.

Even though Lin Wanwan did not have much of an impression about her cheap birth mother, she started to feel irritated.

“Are you mute?”

The more Tao Xinyue looked at her, the more she felt that she was not pleasing to the eye. As she scolded, she reached out and pinched her waist.

“Had I known you were so stupid, I would have strangled you to death when you were six! Not only are you a child of a slut, you are also so stupid and hopeless! You’re only wasting resources by living!”

Before her hands reached Lin Wanwan, she agilely avoided them.

“You dare to hide from me?” Tao Xinyue was stunned for a moment. She flew into a rage and prepared to scold her.


Lin Wanwan burst into tears without warning. Her sharp and high-pitched voice traveled to Tao Xinyue, and she felt as if thin needles were constantly being inserted into her eardrums.

Her mind started to hurt, and she glared fiercely at her.

“Stop crying!”


As if frightened, Lin Wanwan started to cry even louder.

Tao Xinyue’s ears began to ring. She felt sulky and could not breathe.

Out of desperation, she abandoned her rich lady mannerism and shouted, “Stop crying! I’ll stop scolding you!”

Old devilish hag. You want to pick a fight with me?

Lin Wanwan wiped away the nonexistent tears from her face in satisfaction, then continued to sob.

If not for the fact that the situation was unstable now and she was afraid of others exposing the loopholes, she would have delivered a slap to her immediately!

It was unexpected that the youngest best actress in Xia country had now fallen to the state of having to cry like a pitiful child.

“What a troublemaker!” Tao Xinyue thumped her chest in uneven breaths. “I’m so irritated when I see you. I’m thirsty, go and get me a cup of tea!”


Lin Wanwan’s eyes flashed and she obediently went away.

A few minutes later, Lin Wanwan carried out a steaming hot cup of tea.

“For you.”

“How many times have I told you? Call me Missus!”

Thinking back about the incident just now, Tao Xinyue continued to boil with anger. She raised her hand and wanted to knock over the teacup in Lin Wanwan’s hands.

However, the moment she raised her hand, Lin Wanwan’s hands started to tremble, as if scared. The entire cup of steaming hot tea spilled on Tao Xinyue’s body.


She let out a pig-like scream and started to frantically pat at the burnt areas.

Lin Wanwan’s lips curved, but she maintained a blank expression.

So this old hag was still capable of feeling pain? I thought that since she was coldblooded, she had stopped feeling any pain since a long time ago.

Compared to what the original owner went through, what was this little pain to her?

The servant rushed in after hearing the cries. Upon seeing Tao Xinyue in pain, she was shocked!

“Missus! What happened to you?”

Tao Xinyue showed a look of excruciating pain. She pointed a trembling finger at Lin Wanwan. “Quick! All of you quickly beat this animal to death!”

“Yes!” A few servants immediately rushed towards Lin Wanwan, as if she was prey.

In the Lin family, it was very commonplace for her to suffer physical and verbal abuse.

Lin Wanwan squatted down and curled herself up next to a vase which was half the height of a person. She displayed an extremely pitiful look, like a lamb about to be butchered.

However, her falling hair blocked her vision of the red lips that were constantly moving.

1, 2, 3

After the count of three, the servants pounced and were about to grab Lin Wanwan’s hair when a stern but angry voice sounded.

“What are all of you doing?”


Tao Xinyue, who initially planned to return to her room to change her clothes, saw Lin Qinghao’s grim expression and was flustered for a second.