Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 70

Chapter 70 Give Me Two Billion Yuan And I'm Yours

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“Oh yay!” She never thought the trick of self-injury would be so useful to gain an end. She had gained a life-saving charm again!

“Lu Zhanbei, you’re so nice. I really want to give you a kiss!”

Lu Zhanbei’s smile was gentle and elegant, like those of the royals and aristocrats of the 19th century in the west. “Keep it. Let that be a thought forever.”

Oh, she did not care to kiss him either, alright?

“Where are we going for our meal?”

“Jin Tong Que.”

What place was that? She had never heard of it before.

After traveling for half an hour at lightning speed, they arrived at their destination.

When Lin Wanwan saw the palace-like venue before her, her eyeballs nearly popped out!

“Lu Zhanbei, are you sure this is the place for our meal?”

Lu Zhanbei did not answer. He alighted from the car and walked forward alone. “Follow me.”

Lin Wanwan touched her carry-on bag. There was a bank card in it, which was given to her by Lin Qinghao, and there was approximately 40 thousand yuan left.

Lu Zhanbei was not going to make her eat until she was bankrupt right?

Although she’d not come here before, she had visited quite a number of high-end restaurants in her previous life. None of those could compare to here.

“Mr. Lu.”

As they reached the door, the well-dressed waiter walked over and said respectfully, “In the room that has been specially reserved for you, the dishes are already served. If you are dissatisfied, you can have them changed any time.”

“Ok.” Lu Zhanbei walked in, and Lin Wanwan hurriedly followed.

This place was simply too big. After passing through the magnificent living room, they took the lift to the eighth floor.

“Mr. Lu, this way please.”

The manager, who had long received news of his arrival, was stationed at the lift. He had on a look of flattery and gestured a ‘please’ with his hand.

At this moment, a casual voice could be heard opposite the corridor.

“Brother Zhanbei, you’re here too. Let us have a drink together!”

Lin Wanwan, who was looking around, turned her head. A young man in a camouflage suit walked over in big strides.

He had a handsome and resolute face, with knife-shaped eyebrows and star-shaped eyes. He showed a type of temperament that could only be honed with experience from the battlefield.

A pair of eagle-like eyes swept across the scene. His demeanor was overbearing, causing people to surrender involuntarily.

However, once he started speaking, Lin Wanwan was immediately disillusioned.

“Long time no see. Your younger brother here misses you so so much~”

Lu Zhanbei gave a half-smile. “Say it, Mo Chen. How much do you want this time?”

“Not a lot, two billion yuan.”

The corner of Lin Wanwan’s mouth twitched. Two billion was not considered a lot?

The man named Mo Chen walked over and clamped a hand over Lu Zhanbei’s shoulder. He winked and gave him a sign, “My special team needs the latest batch of military telescopes. You know me, the most valuable part of me is my virginity. Give me two billion yuan and I’m yours.”

Lu Zhanbei looked at him and gave him an overarm throw.

Mo Chen did not expect this and was thrown to the floor in a flash. He grimaced in pain.

“Oh my, damn! Our friendship remains even if the deal is not sealed. If you think that the price is too high, we can still discuss again!”

A rustling sound could be heard and a check fell directly on his face. “Shut up.”

Mo Chen scanned the amount on the check and kissed it in satisfaction. “Great! I’ll shut up now.”

After saying so, he climbed up with agile movements.

Lin Wanwan looked at this with envy and hatred. One was able to receive two billion yuan from performing nauseous acts. That was a much higher-level act compared to her pretending to be a fool!

Lu Zhanbei noted her unwavering gaze and asked, “Do you want it too?”

“I would also like to try having someone throw a check at me.” Her look was so sincere that it was just missing the words ‘Please throw one at me’ on the space above her head.