Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 700

Chapter 700 The Battle Between Father And Son

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The butler knew he was here and tried to stop him. "Young Master, the Old Masters not in the country. You"

"Get lost!"

What answered him was a side kick from Lu Zhanbei.

The butler dared not retaliate and couldnt retaliate at all. He only stopped after retreating more than a meter away.

He saw Lu Zhanbeis back view rushing in without looking back. He waved his hand and followed in with a few bodyguards.

Lu Zhanbei kicked open the door of the study room and saw Lu Zhengyu, who was practicing calligraphy.

Lu Zhengyu put down the brush in his hand and looked over, as if not reading the dangerous undercurrent in his eyes. He frowned in dissatisfaction.

"When did Lin Wanwan have a relationship with Fu Zhinian? That rascal nearly lost his life to save her! It couldnt be that she seduced your brother as well, right? She wanted to have her pick between my two sons. Thats really"

He had not yet finished his words when Lu Zhanbei rushed over and gave him a right punch heavily on his face!

Lu Zhengyu, who was unprepared, retreated a few steps and fell into his seat.

"Lu Zhanbei, you even dare to hit your old man?! Are you out of your mind?!"

Lu Zhengyu, who had recovered himself, was furious. Lu Zhanbei didnt say anything at all. He kicked the chair and caused Lu Zhengyu to fall.

"Old Master!"

The butler who rushed over was in shock. He immediately wanted to rush in to help.

"Everyone, dont move!" the raging Lu Zhengyu stood up and shouted. He stared intently at Lu Zhanbei.

"Unfilial son, youre serious about this?"

Ever since the moment Lin Wanwan got into an accident, evilness and murderous intent had built up in his heart.

After a few days of suppression and control, there was an overwhelming madness now that he had to let it all out.


Lu Zhengyu narrowly escaped from the punch Lu Zhanbei threw over. He was really angry now.

Although he had lived a pampered life these few years, he had never stopped training.

"Dont think I cant defeat you now that youre very capable. I have long wanted to teach you a lesson!"

As he said this, he clenched his fists, ready to meet the enemy.

The butler and the men who were standing at the door looked at one another.

The lion and the tiger were both kings of the jungle. It was best that they, the small fries, stood further away.

The father-and-son battle between Lu Zhanbei and Lu Zhengyu didnt involve any fancy techniques, only brute force.

Every consecutive kick, flying kick, and boxing move made people feel dazzled.

Time passed by. Lu Zhengyu, who was older, gradually got himself into a disadvantageous position and suffered a few blows consecutively.

Although he was skillful, he still paled in comparison with Lu Zhanbei.

In the end, Lu Zhanbei grabbed him by his collar and pinned him against the wall. His left hand dug out a small and sharp Swiss army knife from his pocket.

"Old Master!"

The butler wanted to barge in to save him but was once again stopped by Lu Zhengyu.

Although he was indeed in a sorry state now, he hadnt lost that all-powerful arrogance.

"Let him come at me. I want to see if he would really kill his father for a woman!"

Lu Zhanbei laughed coldly. "What for?"

Lu Zhengyu frowned. "What do you mean?"

"Why do you have to put on a pretense with me? If you were in my current situation now, wouldnt you kill your own son for that woman?"

Lu Zhengyus pupils shrank. "I didnt want to kill her."

"I know. However, youre still the initiator who caused all of these to happen."

Lu Zhengyu laid a hand on Lin Wanwan and another group of people took the opportunity to add fuel to the flames, wanting her to be killed.