Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 701

Chapter 701 Paranoid Crazy And Ruthless

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Lu Zhengyu looked into Lu Zhanbeis cold and sharp eyes. He wasnt afraid. Instead, he laughed. "So, you really intend to kill your father?"

Lu Zhanbei looked at him quietly and laughed.

This laugh was filled with the smell of destruction.

"On account that you have saved Lin Wanwan in disguise, I wouldnt lay a hand on you. Death isnt scary. Living but wishing you were dead is the most pitiful."

He changed the topic here.

"Theres a small town called Kinia in the Maryland state of Country M. Its geographically secluded and has beautiful scenery. Not only is it suitable for committing adultery and retiring, its also suitable to be a graveyard."

Upon hearing this, Lu Zhengyus cold and arrogant face fell and he revealed a trace of panic and fear.

The address Lu Zhanbei spoke of was the place his mistress was residing in at the moment!

"Lu Zhanbei, youre threatening me?!"

Lu Zhanbei curved his lips. "If you make Lin Wanwan lose even a single strand of hair in the future, Ill let your true love lose two strands of hair. If you hurt her, Ill use your mistress life to make up for your mistake!"

Lu Zhengyu roared with shock, "If you dare touch her, Lin Wanwan would inevitably die!"

The smile didnt reach Lu Zhanbeis eyes. "Good. I was waiting for this sentence from you. I also want to know who will win between us both, and who will survive between Lin Wanwan and your mistress."

Green veins were clearly visible on Lu Zhengyus forehead.

He wasnt afraid of anything, only of losing her. As long as it was related to her, he didnt dare take a gamble.

After a long while, he said sinisterly, "Arent you afraid Lin Wanwan would hate you after finding out?"

From a certain aspect, he and Lu Zhanbei were both in the same position. However, why was it he had to care about this and that, but Lu Zhanbei didnt?

"I will not let her find out forever."

Lu Zhanbeis tone was strangely calm. However, his phoenixes were scarily bloodshot.

As he curved his lips and smiled coldly, one could feel his sullen expression and violent temperament.

Lu Zhengyu looked at the Lu Zhanbei who was like this and his heart tightened.

"Im not a good-for-nothing like you. If I really decide to take action, Ill immediately erase all people and things related to your mistress and not give her a chance to hate me. I will not hesitate to eradicate any obstacle that stands in the way of us being together, even if that person is her"

This was the real Lu Zhanbei.

Paranoid, crazy, and ruthless.

"Shut up!"

Lu Zhengyu interrupted him. When he saw Lu Zhanbei smiling coldly and cruelly, he suddenly let out laughter.

"It looks like I, your father, still dont understand you well. I actually only realized it now that youre a lunatic!"

"Same to you."

Lu Zhanbei raised the army knife in his left hand fiercely and stabbed in the direction of Lu Zhengyu.

"Old Master!" the butler shouted. He didnt have time to rush over before he realized the army knife was deeply inserted into the wall.

Lu Zhengyu also broke out in a cold sweat.

He really did hear the footsteps of death just now.

Lu Zhanbei stowed his hand away. The madness and murderous intent disappeared slowly. In the blink of an eye, he returned to his always-smiling self.

"Old man, if theres a next time, this knife will definitely pierce the heart of your mistress. Trust me, I mean what I say."

After saying this, he turned around and strode outside.

Lu Zhengyu sneered and said, "If Lin Wanwan learns of your true colors, will she still stay by your side?"

Lu Zhanbei turned around and glanced at him. He smiled plainly and said, "I will never give her a chance to find out."