Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 702

Chapter 702 Are You Satisfied With Me Paying Such A Price?

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She just needed to know one point he loved her and would never hurt her.

After Lu Zhanbei left, the butler stepped forward, trembling in fear. "Old Master, should we continue?"

Lu Zhengyu laughed ruthlessly. "Heh heh, of course!"


Lu Zhengyu understood his unspoken words.

It was too time-consuming to deal with Lu Zhanbei, and the chances of success werent high. Furthermore, laying a hand on Lin Wanwan would risk something he wasnt willing to take a gamble on.

Or, perhaps, he should change his mindset.

For instance, to use some extreme means to leave the two no other choice but to break up.

It was just that he could no longer act rashly before having full confidence.

After several failures, Lu Zhengyu had developed a strong sense of unscrupulousness toward Lu Zhanbei.

He even clearly knew that he was no longer his sons match.

After leaving the Lu residence, Lu Zhanbei returned to the hospital. He didnt go in immediately. He sat in his car and made a call.

A lazy male voice could be heard from the other end. "Hey, isnt this Mr. Lu? Did the sun rise from the west? You would actually take the initiative to call me?"

"Lin Wanwan was in a car accident."


Tang Chen sprung up from the sofa immediately and asked like a cannonball, "How is she now? Which hospital is she in? Which a*shole Lu dared to lay a hand on her?"

From the last sentence, Tang Chen had apparently determined that it was Lu Zhengyu.

"There were two groups of people who did a quick job on her car. The first group was indeed Lu Zhengyus men. They wanted to capture her to threaten me. The second group was the one who seized the opportunity to set Lin Wanwan up for death. Tang Chen, this tactic of striking while the iron is hot was so similar to that time during the bid. Is this your doing again?"

"It wasnt me!" Tang Chen blurted out. How could he have done something to harm Lin Wanwan?

A glimmer of cold light flashed past Lu Zhanbeis eyes. "Besides you, who else could it be?"


Tang Chen rubbed his temples. Even as he calmed down, his eyes were shockingly cold.

It must be the man surnamed Qi!

In front of Lu Zhanbei, Tang Chen had no choice but to cover up for him. After all, they were still business partners right now.

"Who knows? You have so many enemies."

Lu Zhanbeis eyes curved into a dangerous arc. "Is that so?"

"If I find the initiator, I will definitely take revenge for Lin Wanwan. Thats it. I still have something on. Ill hang up the call first."

Tang Chen was very clear that Lu Zhanbei was already suspicious of Qi Junze.

He had gone to Country Y a few days ago and only returned half an hour ago. He didnt expect the man surnamed Qi to actually lay a hand on Lin Wanwan when he wasnt around!

Tang Chen went to the second floor and kicked open the door of the guest room.

Qi Junze, who was making a call, looked back. When he saw his gloomy expression, he immediately understood what was going on.

"Tangtang, I was too impatient regarding Lin Wanwans car accident. I only intended to give her a little lesson to make Lu Zhanbei suffer. I guarantee there wouldnt be a next time. Can you forgive me?"

Tang Chen laughed evilly. "Ok, I forgive you."

Qi Junzes face revealed a smile.

The next second, Tang Chens tone became sinisterly cold. "However, the price to pay for forgiving you is to cancel our business partner relationship. Surnamed Qi, from today onward, we are no longer related. If you refuse to amend your ways, your enemy would not only be Lu Zhanbei but also me! Bye."


Qi Junze reached out and wanted to grab Tang Chens shoulder. However, he threw him over his shoulder and he fell to the ground. He was in a sorry state.

Tang Chen didnt even look at him and just headed outside.

Suddenly, Qi Junze said, "Tang Chen, are you satisfied with me paying such a price?"

Tang Chen smelled blood and his eyes wavered. He finally turned back.