Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 703

Chapter 703 Indeed It Was Sweet

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He could only see Qi Junze kneeling on one knee on the ground. A sharp fruit knife had almost penetrated his entire knee, and fresh blood was surging out. He wasnt even frowning.

"Lin Wanwan only suffered a little injury on her leg. Im paying her back with this knife right now. Do you think its enough?"

Tang Chen raised his eyebrow. A trace of strangeness flashed past his eyes.

Surnamed Qi actually self-inflicted an injury in order to maintain the business partner relationship with him?


Although the man surnamed Qi could indeed be like a tiger with wings with Tang Chens help, he had been operating in secret for so many years and was as crafty as a fox. Even without him, he had the capability to battle with Lu Zhanbei.

Furthermore, Tang Chen remembered him saying that he hated to be injured.

"The last time."

Upon hearing this, Qi Junze smiled, faintly hiding a trace of bitterness.

It turned out that caring for someone could really degrade oneself into the dust.

Furthermore, he was a willing party.

At Lin Wanwans strong urging, Lu Zhanbei transferred Fu Zhinian over to her ward.

"Fu Zhinian, thank you for saving my life this time."

Fu Zhinian looked at her and closed his eyes to rest.

This damned kid was deserving of a beating!

Lin Wanwan hesitated for a while before asking the question she had been feeling puzzled over for a long time.

"Back then, why didnt you aim the tree in my direction? That way, the person whose life would be in danger wouldnt have been you."

"Because youre stupid."

She actually asked such a simple question. If she wasnt stupid, then what was she?

This was her benefactor. She couldnt return his kindness with ingratitude

Lin Wanwan was so angry that she was already hitting a villain in her heart. On the surface, she said with a smile, "Regardless, its the truth that you saved me. If theres anything you need my help with in the future, I"

"Theres one thing you can help me with right now."

"Ask ahead!"

"Please shut up."


Lin Wanwan felt that Fu Zhinian and Lu Zhanbei were indeed siblings. When she first met Lu Zhanbei, he was that deserving of a beating too.

Lu Zhanbei pushed open the door and saw her angry face.

"What happened?"

Since the appearance of Lu Zhanbei, the temperature in the ward was significantly reduced.

Lin Wanwan pointed an accusatory finger at Fu Zhinian. "Your brother bullied me."

Lu Zhanbei smiled and didnt respond to this. He placed the bag in his hand into hers.


The temperature dropped to the freezing point.

It was as if Lin Wanwan didnt realize this as she cheered softly. She instructed Lu Zhanbei to buy her fruit juice when he went out. Then, she jumped off and limped to Fu Zhinians side.

"This is my favorite strawberry cake. Its not bad. Try it."

Fu Zhinians expression turned cold. "I dont want to."

Lin Wanwan forcibly stuffed the cake into his hands. She smiled and said in a coaxing tone, "Desserts can make people feel better. Once your moods better, you can recover faster. If you really dont want to eat it, throw it away."

After saying this, she turned around and planned to take a breather outside.

Fu Zhinian looked at the strawberry cake in his hand and hesitated for a long time. Then, he took a bite.

Indeed, it was sweet.

His straight lips curved up slightly, and his depressed mood relaxed.

Not long later, Lin Wanwan returned.

When he saw her, Fu Zhinian immediately turned his head and faced the wall.

Lin Wanwan was at first puzzled. Then, she saw the empty cake box in the rubbish bin and could not help but smile until her eyebrows curved.

Fu Zhinian saw from the corner of his eye that she was secretly smiling. He could only try his best to pretend nothing happened. In actuality, the tips of his ears were stained red and there was an absolute contrast.

The hard-to-get-along-with main personality was actually pretty cute as well.