Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 704

Chapter 704 Dont Read Too Much Into It

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The days went by. Lin Wanwan wasnt seriously hurt to begin with and, thus, could be discharged from the hospital after half a month.

As for Fu Zhinian, he had to be observed in the hospital for a while longer.

As the two of them stayed under the same roof, their relationship eased a little. However, Fu Zhinian still completely ignored Lu Zhanbei.

Lu Zhanbei treated him the same as well.

Lin Wanwan was a little anxious. She specifically wanted Fu Zhinian to stay with her because number one, she wanted to repay him for his life-saving grace and number two, she wanted to see if the two brothers could forgive and forget.

The day Lin Wanwan was discharged from the hospital and especially bid farewell to Fu Zhinian, she didnt forget to bring Lu Zhanbei over.

"Im going to be discharged from the hospital. Take care of your injuries. Ill come visit you when Im free."

Fu Zhinian was as cold and indifferent as before. "Theres no need to."

Lin Wanwan tugged Lu Zhanbeis sleeve. "You say something too."

Lu Zhanbei lost to her pleading eyes. His gaze fell on Fu Zhinians expressionless face. After being silent for a long while, he said five words.

"Take care of your injuries."

Fu Zhinian clenched his fists under the pillow and didnt look at him. He said sarcastically, "Are you saying this out of pity, or out of your responsibility as a so-called brother?"


Fu Zhinians cold gaze carried with it strong suppression. "I dont care for your gratitude. Its not because of you that I saved her."

Lin Wanwan sensed the tension in the air and was afraid things would worsen. In a moment of desperation, she touched Fu Zhinians head, like how she treated the cute little puppy.

"I know you cant bear for me to be hurt, right?"

The hand that was messing up his hair made Fu Zhinian stiffen for a moment.

He seemed to be contemplating if he should avoid it. A trace of helplessness could be seen in the middle of his cold eyebrows.

"Dont read too much into it. I did that back then to protect myself"

His tone was no longer aggressive. It was dry, and it wasnt clear if he was trying to explain things or disguise them.

Lin Wanwan didnt expose the fact that he was saying one thing and meaning another again. "Yes, yes, yes. You did it to protect yourself. It was just a by-the-way, saving me as well. However, Im still very thankful to you. I especially made this for you. Eat one piece a day. After youve finished eating them, you can be discharged."

She handed over a box of beautifully packaged chocolates.

Lu Zhanbeis face turned dark instantly.

Two days ago, Lin Wanwan had insisted on going back to Yun Mansion. She was busy for the whole afternoon and made a big box of not-bad-looking chocolates.

He had thought that she was giving it to him

Fu Zhinian looked at the chocolates in his hands, and there were slight ripples in his eyes.

In front of Lu Zhanbei, he really wanted to throw this something that was meant to coax children into the rubbish bin.

After being silent for a long time, he sneered with disdain, "Lin Wanwan, youre really childish."

Lin Wanwan found it both angering and funny.

As a woman whose actual age was already that of an adult, she sincerely treated Fu Zhinian as a younger brother.

"Im leaving. Ill come again in two days."

Fu Zhinian looked indifferent and didnt take her seriously.

After the two of them left, Fu Zhinian opened the box. The chocolates inside were round and full and were in cute shapes.

He stared at them bitterly for half an hour before putting one into his mouth.

It was so sickeningly sweet.


He pouted in disdain. His right hand picked up another chocolate and he stuffed it into his mouth.

The sun shone through the half-opened windows and gave the youth on the bed a golden glow.

His beautiful thin lips curved up slightly, and his eyebrows softened, adding a touching warmth.

Lin Wanwan got on the car and let Lu Zhanbei buckle her seatbelt for her.

The car was driving steadily on the wide road.