Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 705

Chapter 705 I Will Definitely Try My Best To Make The Two Of You Break Up

Chapter 705: I Will Definitely Try My Best to Make the Two of You Break Up
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On the road, he had asked this question countless times.

Lin Wanwan felt warm and a bit helpless at the same time. "Ive really fully recovered. Dont worry. Fu Zhinian is your younger brother. You should care about him more."

Lu Zhanbei turned the steering wheel and said indifferently, "Hes already an adult. He should decide his life choices. I cant help him."

Furthermore, he wouldnt have wanted him to interfere in his matters.

"I just hope you can fulfill your responsibility as a brother!"

Hearing the unhappiness in her tone, Lu Zhanbei responded, "On account that he has saved you, I will definitely not let anything happen to him."

"!!!" Lin Wanwan felt that she was playing the lute to a cow.

Did Lu Zhanbei think that it was enough to just guarantee Fu Zhinians safety?

"Im really doubtful if you understand kinship."

Lu Zhanbei remained silent.

Perhaps he did. Even so, the connection between him and his loved ones was very weak.

Actually, his connection with Lin Wanwan was similarly very weak. If he hadnt held on tight and refused to let go, they wouldnt have gotten together.

"What do you wish for me to do?"

Lin Wanwan jolted to attention and said like a teacher, "Take the initiative to care about his life. Adjust the way you talk to him based on his mood. Encourage him often. For instance, pat him on his head and tell him well done.’"

Lu Zhanbei felt helpless. "Hes not my son."

Lin Wanwan choked.

Lu Zhanbei then asked, "Furthermore, are you sure he will like me using such a method?"

If Lin Wanwan used this method, the results were obvious.

If it was him

Fu Zhinian would probably think that he was possessed.

Lin Wanwan also felt that that was unrealistic. "Lets see how it goes, then, and take it slow. Even if Fu Zhinian is a stone, Im going to smooth his edges and make a beautiful jade out of him!"

Lu Zhanbei looked at her stern expression and didnt say anything.

Before returning to Yun Mansion, the two of them went to the winery.

Lin Wanwan initially didnt want to let Si Han know that she had been injured and hospitalized. However, he had an exceptional ability. Not only did he know about it, he had even investigated clearly the cause and effect of that accident.

"Sister Ball."

When Ruan Baoer, who was mopping the floor, saw her, she threw the mop to the side and hurriedly rushed over. She was about to pounce into her arms when Lu Zhanbei immediately stepped forward and blocked her way.

"She had just recovered."

Ruan Baoer rolled her eyes. She held Lin Wanwans hand and led her to the sofa, as if she was serving an empress dowager.

Both of them were chatting happily when Si Han came downstairs. He handed over the two cups of tea in his hands.

Lin Wanwan drank a sip and squinted her eyes in enjoyment.

After drinking a sip, Lu Zhanbeis face changed. He wanted to swallow it but couldnt. He wanted to spit it out but couldnt. His handsome face gradually turned green.

Noticing his strange look, Lin Wanwan leaned over nervously. "What happened? Your stomachs not feeling comfortable?"

Si Han looked at him coldly. "Dont worry. He wont die."

"What did you put in the tea?"

"A little soy sauce."

"" So ruthless!

When it came to tea, Lu Zhanbei was particularly picky. Even if the tea fragrance was slightly lighter, he wouldnt be willing to drink it. Now, he was actually so careless as to have drunk Si Hans soy sauce tea.

Lu Zhanbei drank a large cup of water to wash away the weird taste in his mouth.

He knew that Si Han was displaying his anger. He couldnt retaliate.

Si Han laughed coldly. "If Lin Wanwan gets implicated by you again, I will definitely try my best to make the two of you break up."