Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 707

Chapter 707 This Man Was Not Only Good Looking

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"Lin Wanwan?!"

Lin Wanwan swept her eyes across the shocked faces and smiled lightly. She held on to Lu Zhanbeis arm in a generous manner.

"Let me introduce you to my boyfriend."

There was a commotion from the crowd. The women who were gossiping previously looked at one another and felt extremely embarrassed.

So it turned out that he wasnt a financier. He was really her boyfriend.

This man was not only good-looking he could practically defeat all the male gods in the entertainment circle in a second.

"Young girl, youve finally appeared!"

An Qiaos appearance eased the commotion. He carefully greeted Lu Zhanbei.

Lin Wanwan gave an apologetic smile. "Sorry. I was ill for the past few days and didnt have the chance to inform you. However, Im sure Uncle Qiao will definitely not mistake me for acting like a big shot."

A few people in the crowd lowered their heads. Their cheeks were burning.

"Have you fully recovered, then? Do you need to rest for a few more days?"

"Im fine. We can start work now."

"Ok. Go and get your makeup done and change your clothes first."


Lin Wanwan headed to the dressing room. Lu Zhanbei followed suit.

For someone who stood out from the crowd like Lu Zhanbei, even if he was just simply sitting there, he could give others immense pressure.

The makeup artist who shared a good relationship with Lin Wanwan used to like chatting with her as she did her makeup. However, in front of Lu Zhanbei, she was like a primary school student who was constrained.

She seemed to have suffered a huge sentence all throughout. After doing Lin Wanwans makeup, she broke out in a cold sweat and escaped by using the excuse of having to go to the washroom.

Lin Wanwan was speechless. "Look at how you have scared her. Lets forget it for today. You dont have to follow me over tomorrow."

Lu Zhanbei shrugged his shoulders, signaling that he was innocent.

Everything was ready to go. Lin Wanwan started filming.

The male lead, Ouyang Li, received An Qiaos call and rushed over.

The first two scenes were between Lin Wanwan and other supporting roles. She filmed them successfully in one go.

However, when she had to film with Ouyang Li, they ran into a little trouble.


An Qiao called for a cut. He looked at Lin Wanwan and guided her patiently, "Your current character likes the male lead. The way you look at him should be gentle and full of love, like a fire under an iceberg, like your feelings would explode anytime."

Lin Wanwan rubbed her temples. "Let me try again."

She looked up and looked at Ouyang Lis handsome profile. She tried her best to make her eyes look sweeter and gentler.

However, she couldnt find that feeling at all.


Indeed, An Qiao called for a cut again.

It could be said that he understood it now. There was no issue with Lin Wanwan filming other scenes. When it came to romance scenes, she was stuck.

Lin Wanwan herself realized this as well.

Could it be that her acting skills had deteriorated?

She was unwilling to admit this. After thinking hard for a long time, she silently looked at Lu Zhanbei, who was sitting by the side.

Lu Zhanbei sat on the production studios chair. He crossed his long leg over the other, and his lazy sitting posture looked good.

A few female staff personnel were secretly looking at him. However, they didnt dare to get closer to him due to the coldness and indifference that radiated from his bones.

She knew it now. It must be because Lu Zhanbei was here that her acting skills were abnormal!

She would definitely not feel at ease being lovey-dovey with other men in front of her boyfriend.

Lin Wanwan suddenly turned chirpy and wanted to chase him away. Lu Zhanbei seemed to have understood what she was thinking and smiled.

"Ill go to the washroom first."

Lin Wanwan waved her hands energetically. "Theres definitely no issue now. Lets start!"

Half a minute later


Lin Wanwan lowered her head in embarrassment.

It was too embarrassing. She could actually NG so many times for an idol love drama.